Member Spotlight: Future Leaders / Evan Kendall

This year, LMASE piloted a new Future Leaders Roundtable (FLR) Program. The FLR's audience is comprised of legal marketers with less than five years of experience. We wanted this core group to meet more frequently as they saw the benefit of collaborating, sharing ideas, networking and how helpful the educational element was both personally and professionally.
The pilot took place in Atlanta. Madeleine Fahnley and Kaitlyn Ball became the co-leaders for the Atlanta LSC's FLR group at a time when the next generation of leaders in the Atlanta legal marketing community requested formal programming, engagement and a social component that focused specifically on their career needs and aspirations. 
Participants were identified after reviewing the Atlanta LSC member list and collaborating with the LSC's board. This approach generated 10 Atlanta LSC members who were at different stages in their career, employed in firms of various sizes and maintained marketing and business development roles that were all looking for guidance regarding that next step in their careers. Once the FLR members were identified, we engaged in a personalized and targeted approach to reach out to these individuals on a one-on-one basis.
To ensure the FLR's programming was relevant to the core group, we partnered with Akina. Akina has been a strong fit by working with Madeleine and Kaitlyn to organize and tailor the structure of FLR's programming. Further, their detailed knowledge of legal marketing and business development trends, combined with their deep relationship with LMA, solidified them as the partner of choice. We were introduced to Holly, who was a perfect match for the FLR group. We worked hand-in-hand with Holly to define the structure of the programming, along with developing topics that would resonate with the FLR group and promote retention of the group's members.
We decided on a six-month program with meetings every month. We surveyed FLR members to validate their findings from the strategic sessions held with Akina surrounding programming. The survey also included questions regarding the respondents' firm size, roles and preference for meeting frequency. The strategic sessions, survey and goals for the FLR group led to finalizing topics, which included: 
-       The Power of Personal Branding
-       Seven Marketplace Trends
-       Client Feedback Programs
-       Relationship Building, ROI, and ROE
-       Pricing Practices and Choreography
We decided the final session for the initiative would be a wrap-up session focusing on the key takeaways from the programming and how participants would instill this new knowledge and experience in their firms. Each session was followed by a social gathering allowing for a discussion about the program, which provided the opportunity to connect with participants on a personal level. 
Name - Evan Kendall
Law Firm Name - Bryan Cave
Title - Sr Marketing Coordinator
Evan was one of the participants of the LMASE pilot FLR and shares his experience with the pilot program. 

FLR is one of the best and most valuable LMA programs in which I have participated. First off, I really like how they kept the group small and all of the participants in similar work-related positions. This made for an open and engaging discussion and gave me the opportunity to connect and develop strong relationships with other legal marketers who face the same challenges and opportunities I face every day. As I build these relationships, I feel this will help me advance as a legal marketer and strengthen my business development and marketing techniques. Holly Barocio, program leader and Principal Consultant with Akina, is a fabulous and engaging speaker and taught me new and innovative business development and marketing strategies that I was able to implement with the attorneys I work with every day - making the program so valuable. All of the content she presented was timely and relevant and helped me grow as a legal marketer. Holly focused on business development and how we as legal marketers can be a valuable resource to our attorneys and help them develop and grow their business, which I feel is necessary in today's legal environment. Holly also discussed market trends and what makes the client tick. She taught us ways to identify those trends so we can effectively counsel and collaborate with our attorneys.  If you ever have the opportunity to be part of the LMASE FLR, I strongly encourage you to participate. If you need one more reason to be part of the program, I have one for you - after each session we all gathered at the local watering hole for drinks!!