Member Spotlight: Vanessa Hardee 

Name - Aleesha Khan
Law Firm Name - Hogan Lovells
Title - Marketing & Business Development Manager
In one sentence, describe your job.
My job is to be a resource and adviser to our lawyers to help them develop business, improve profitability and raise their profiles. 
Why and/or how did you get into legal marketing?
When my husband's job moved us from Toronto to Miami 6 years ago, I wanted a position that would allow me to use my law degree without practicing law. I discovered that the business side of running a law firm is exciting and interesting - and crucial to the success of a firm. I've never looked back. 
What is a "typical" day for you?
I try to spend some time every day reading about the industry, through JD Supra, Bloomberg BNA, or similar publications. So far today I've worked on a Chambers submission, two pitches to potential clients, and a sponsorship for an upcoming community event. And it's not even lunchtime yet!
In your job, what is your biggest challenge?
I recently started a new position at Hogan Lovells in Miami. After 5+ years at smaller sized Florida firms, my challenge is to figure out how to best navigate and utilize this global firm's vast resources. Luckily my colleagues are pros at this, and are super helpful. 
What do you like most about your job?
Being part of such a top-notch team. The lawyers on my team work on high profile cases that have important ramifications in their industries and beyond.
If a college student were to ask you for advice about a legal marketing career, what would you say?
Although my path didn't start with an epiphany to pursue a career in legal marketing, my background is very suited to it. I have a law degree and a B.A. in English. I worked in journalism between undergrad and law school, which helped my ability to rework complex information into content that is easy to read and understand.
What books do you recommend to fellow LMA colleagues?
Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I'm also a huge fan of podcasts. 3 of my favorites are: Bloomberg Law's Big Law Business podcast; EntreLeadership; and the LMA Podcast.