LSC Spotlight: Orlando
Artificial Intelligence 
Presented By: Mark Greene - Market Intelligence LLC
We had Mark Greene come speak to the group about AI. 
As part of LMA's initiative to provide education on the "next big thing" in legal marketing, Mark Greene presented to the Orlando LSC on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on October 12. This engaging presentation covered the rise of AI in recent years and what it means for the legal industry and our role as legal marketers. Mark explained that AI is empowering competitors, such as other law firms, in-house legal departments and alternative legal service providers. Law firms need to step up and start utilizing AI in marketing functions, such as pricing, content marketing, predictive pitching and CRM in order to combat these competitors. AI can help improve the prospect and customer experience leading to better and longer lasting relationships, which is better for all involved. He concluded by reiterating the fact that law firms need to be ready for AI - it is coming fast and many firms will get left behind.