SALI Alliance Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry


The Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry (SALI) Alliance is an independent not-for-profit, member organization that was formally established on May 15, 2017 with the goal of producing standards for the legal industry to accelerate innovation, and improve efficiency. The SALI Alliance includes a wide range of stakeholders including law firms, companies, service providers and legal industry associations. The organization creates standards to produce better outcomes. The legal industry is moving towards standardizing terminology to simplify and improve the delivery of legal services by providing greater transparency and increasing the effectiveness of budgeting and resourcing. Providing a common language for the industry serves as the catalyst for better outcomes and value. The Legal Marketing Association, along with the Association of Legal Administrators, are founding members of the SALI Alliance.

SALI Alliance Standards are:

  • Open — They are free and available to for anyone to use free of charge.
  • Industry-Driven — They are managed by an independent non-profit where all stakeholders can participate.
  • Practical — They are provided with reference implementations.

Founding Members:

  • The Legal Marketing Association
  • The Association of Legal Administrators

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