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Millennial Clients Are Forcing Attorneys to Rethink Their Marketing Approach

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Under New Leadership, Legal Marketing Association Eyes International Expansion

Leaders in Legal Business

LMA has written a chapter in the new Leaders in Legal Business book. This e-book, is published by Association of International Law Firm Networks (AILFN), and covers 35 subjects on the inter-workings of the business of law, each segmented into a specific chapter authored by leading voices associated with that subject. This is the second edition of Leaders in Legal Business and the first to include a chapter on legal marketing. Seven LMA members collaborated on the chapter titled “The Strategic Legal Marketer”.  The chapter helps showcase the evolving role of the legal marketer and is structured around the BOK domains. It also cites statistics from our joint LMA/Bloomberg Law research study. role for law firms.

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Contributions to Monthly Column on

A new, monthly column in The American Lawyer that will focus on legal marketing and how lawyers and marketers can better work together.


Focusing on Client Retention May Mean Restructuring the Firm

Law firms should double down on their existing clients by focusing on client satisfaction and retention rates rather than billable hours and origination credits.

By Kathryn B. Whitaker | April 04, 2018 at 12:57 PM


In Age of Differentiation, How Marketing Teams Can Increase Market Share

Law firm marketing departments can help drive a firm's vision in an era where distinction is key, but partners have to be willing to hear their honest assessments. Here are three key tips for leveraging your marketing teams in 2018.

By Jennifer Scalzi | January 02, 2018 at 10:35 AM | Originally published on The American Lawyer