Wednesday, June 12

Join us a day earlier to kick off P3 – The Practice Innovation Conference. Pre-conferences are designed for attendees to immerse themselves in one, specific topic area. Additional registration is required. 

Legal Lean Sigma® White Belt Certification Course: Process Improvement and Project Management

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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Presenter: Catherine Alman MacDonagh, ESQ. and Frederick J. Esposito, Jr., MBA, CLM

Today's professionals are faced with new challenges and opportunities to help their firms and departments deliver greater value. Whether you are a service provider or a professional in a law firm or legal department, there is increasing pressure for you and your organization. If you want to find out how to be more efficient, develop and employ strategies and tactics based on the client perspective, and reconnect costs to the value received, this introduction will help you understand that there is a way to do all of this - and much more - in ways where everyone wins.

Legal Lean Sigma® and project management are not just about doing more with less; they are about doing the right things and doing them right.

In this session, you'll examine how process improvement helps to determine the best way to carry out a certain kind of work to produce efficiency, excellent quality and service, high probability of successful outcomes, predictability, and greater satisfaction. Through project management, you'll ensure that you are using your best processes and applying them appropriately to actively manage projects and deliver what is most critical for success, on time and under budget. In this interactive course, you'll take part in experiential learning, table work and discussions.

And you'll learn how they are inextricably linked to what we call the P+ Ecosystem, which includes pricing and performance management!

Highly interactive, with exercises, simulations, and videos.

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Pricing Masterclass: Law Firm Pricing Models and Trends 2019*

1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


In this workshop, we will explore the fundamental forces that underpin the pricing of services in order to understand what types of prices create the best outcomes (for you and for the client). We will spend time understanding the difference between transactional “gun for hire” situations and those where a real relationship has been created with the client. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? Negotiation, by the client or third parties like Procurement, plays an increasingly important role in the actual price achieved, so attention will also be given to negotiation tactics – what works and what doesn’t, understanding your strengths and weaknesses. We will also look at how to say NO to clients, and how to deal with a price increase conversation.

*The half-day pre-conference program, Pricing Masterclass: Law Firm Pricing Models and Trends 2019 has sold out. 

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