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Since last I wrote to everyone, I had the opportunity to attend the LMA Annual Conference in New Orleans, which is always a highlight of my professional year, and a great experience for so many reasons, including being able to connect with so many of you personally. I heard fantastic stories of success, professional breakthroughs, challenges, frustrations and all kinds of other smart, hilarious and wonderful slices of life. Sharing a common profession—and passion—and being present together, in-person—strengthens our individual bonds with one another and our organization. 

Which brings me to our recent Mother’s and Father’s Day campaigns. While we strive to provide you with professional development content and networking opportunities, we are also invested in learning more about our members outside of the office as well, and how much we can learn from each other. Did you submit a photo of your mom or dad along with the best advice they ever gave you? My mom told me that “Can’t isn’t a word. If you want it, go get it.” I have really tried to live this advice, and I think about it every day as Northeast President. And now as a result of this campaign, I have many wonderful pearls of wisdom that you shared with us – that I can draw form when facing my own daily challenges. Our jobs are not easy, and we’ve all experienced moments of disappointment, self-doubt and fear. But I am buoyed by how our members get through these moments by summoning our own reserve of inner-strength and persevering. I was struck by how personal your shared advice feels, but also how universal it really is. Thanks to our Northeast Region volunteers for bringing this idea to life – it truly was a team effort. Each of you inspires me every day – and this constant inspiration and camaraderie is why I LMA. 

As we move into summer, I hope to be able to see many of you at our summer programs and social events, and to hear more about your personal experiences and what inspires you. I also want you all to remember that our organization supports you and your goals every day by:

Giving you programs and educational resources to innovate and adapt to our changing industry.

  1. Providing a network of support and advice when you’re in need of perspective on a challenging project or new idea.
  2. Helping you take advantage of professional opportunities, whether it’s changing firms or growing within your firm.

I look forward to hearing from you about what you need to grow and thrive. Please feel free to drop me a line anytime. When we connect on a personal level, we make LMA even more powerful as a professional organization. It is wonderful to be a part of this vibrant, dynamic LMA and to reflect on how to make it even better for the future of our profession.

Liz Cerasuolo
2018 President
LMA Northeast Region

2017 Northeast Region Year In Review