The Next Big Thing Initiative

Next Big Thing

Each year, LMA International and subject matter experts team together to identify the "next big thing" in legal marketing and how it will influence your role as a legal marketer

The culture and structure of law firms have historically made institutional changes in service difficult to achieve. However, a shift is taking place that focuses on service through critical conversations. The 2019 Next Big Thing, Service Metamorphosis, identifies how service can make a strategic difference in a collaborative relationship, and how it can be used as a competitive differentiator. 

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Archived Years

2018 Next Big Thing: Law Firm Strategy Reboot 

Is your firm's go-to-market strategy based on the realities of today's legal environment? Or is it ready for a reboot? The LMA 2018 Next Big Thing Initiative will outline the core business drivers and competitive forces impacting the marketplace. 

For specific questions, contact:
Wendy Bernero, Baker McKenzie
Mark Beese, Leadership for Lawyers LLC

2017 Next Big Thing: Artificial Intelligence

In 2017, LMA kicked off the Next Big Thing Initiative around the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the role of the legal marketer. AI has been described as the next “Economic Power.” What is clear is that 2017 will likely be a tipping point for many in terms of not whether to dive in but how!

For specific questions, contact:
Elonide C. Semmes, Right Hat LLC
Mark T. Greene, Market Intelligence LLC – check out Mark’s blog, Today in Legal Artificial Intelligence, for frequent updates!