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The LMA Mid-Atlantic Region is pleased to announce that all 2020 Local Steering Committee slates have been ratified. We are thrilled to have this all-star set of leaders at the helm of each of our local groups in 2020.
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On the final day of the 2019 LMA Annual Conference, a panel of C-suite leaders converged at the same conclusion: While we all thought we would be doing something very different from what we are doing now, we wouldn’t change the path that got us to where we are.
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In 2018, Beveridge & Diamond (B&D) overhauled its website to mirror the changing landscape of environmental law and received LMA Mid-Atlantic's Your Honor Award for Technology Management.
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Web metrics are measured through key performance indicators. But not many law firms are measuring them fully. While many firms are measuring ... profitability, billable hours and overall productivity—most firms, and their marketing teams, miss the mark by not measuring cost rates or even win rates.
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Ever wonder how other firms your size can afford that CRM, and if anyone actually uses it? In Baltimore on October 17, we put our heads together to ask questions and share ideas (both good and bad) at our annual BYO Think Tank for Small to Mid-Sized Law Firms.
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Content Pilot executives Deborah McMurray and Keith Wewe presented on how law firms respond to the request for proposal (RFP) process at the 2019 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference. The presenters’ main point: law firm marketing teams need to view the RFP process as part of revenue generation.
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Dating back to her days on the college debate team, Christine Clapp, President of Spoken with Authority, admitted to the Baltimore Local in a recent program that, like many of us, she wasn’t comfortable with public speaking and feared it would always hamper her.
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The Capital Local Group and Senior Leaders SIG teamed up in September to put on a program with eight speakers along with moderator Jeff Roberts of Moiré Marketing Partners, to deliver messages of inspiration and describe how passions outside of legal can positively impact our performance.
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The 2019 Mid-Atlantic Your Honor Award in the category of Business Development went to Shook, Hardy & Bacon, and its “Cannabis Law: The Next Wave of Litigation” project, a carefully deployed strategic communications campaign designed to maximize the impact of the firm’s brand equity.
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When the leadership at Jones Walker LLP expressed interest in launching a cybersecurity practice, the team at Hellerman Communications knew they had to be creative to help their client stand out in an already saturated market.
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Debra L. Henry, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Gordon Feinblatt, is one of two members honored recently at the annual LMA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Washington, D.C., on November 6, 2019. Debbie received the prestigious “Member of the Year” award.
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The 2019 Mid-Atlantic Your Honor Award in the category of Business of Law went to Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett and Dunner, LLP, and its innovative implementation of Intapp Experience, a cloud-based experience management system.
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José E. V. Cunningham is one of two members honored recently at the annual LMA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Washington, D.C., on November 6, 2019. José received the prestigious “Member of the Year” award.
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Did anyone else blink and the end of 2019 is suddenly here? I was very excited to kick this year off when LMA and The Next Big Thing Committee asked me to help present this year’s Next Big Thing, Service Metamorphosis: Driving Process Improvement.

Brenda Plowman, CMO at Fasken, and Deborah McMurray
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Mindfulness practitioners use an army of tools to help with their daily practice in observing the world around them exactly as it is. Cultivating a gratitude practice allows you to intentionally focus on to the world around you – to pause from the busyness and pay careful attention to your life.
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Podcasts are beginning to make the leap into the law firm world. They are a great way to reach new audiences by demonstrating a firm’s thought leadership. In 2016, my firm decided to start podcasting. After three years of recording, editing, and publishing, I’ve learned several tips to keep in mind.
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Marketing has grown increasingly expensive as digital marketing tools have emerged and evolved. Proving your value can be challenging as the partners need to see actual data to be convinced that a large investment in technology will produce results.
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Our region continues to flourish with record-breaking membership numbers, innovative program offerings, and social events ripe with networking opportunities ... I can’t think of a prouder moment than applauding all that the Mid-Atlantic Region has accomplished so far this year.
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As 2019 draws to a close, so too does my service as your Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter Committee Chair and Editor. For me, and many others, LMA is a network of friends, supporters, mentors, sounding boards – and sometimes even the competition.
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How does one develop a successful business development program? In the course of our efforts and experimentation, we’ve discovered that ... there are crucial takeaways that have worked and are still working for us, and around which you can begin to build your own program.
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As the clock ticks down to the second annual LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference in Washington, D.C., on November 6, our members are looking at the program and planning out how to take advantage of the sessions and networking opportunities in the most advantageous way.
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Jenna Schiappacasse is Director of Client Development at Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP (RMG). Since 2010, Jenna has held various marketing and business development roles at RMG. In her newest role, Jenna thrives on connecting the firm’s clients with RMG attorneys, driving new business to the firm,
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Janessa Shaikun and I are getting geared up for the upcoming 2019 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference on November 6 at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown D.C.!  Our Programming Committee has put together a full-day agenda packed with dynamic speakers who will offer suggestions
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In Show and Tell: A Writing Workshop for Legal Marketers, Scribe’s Kristin Walinski takes legal marketers through the paces of how to create content that grabs readers’ attention and creates an impact.
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Michelle Hauser has been with Katten for almost 10 years. In this interview, Michelle shares tips, lessons learned and more.
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Legal marketing departments are often asked to consider tools that can help with driving and creating efficiencies, especially for proposals.
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Law firms all have the same challenges – pressure from clients, new competitors entering the market, changing and complex legal problems, increasing expectations on “excellent” client service. Ask ten firms their approach to any one of these issues, and you will get 12 different solutions.
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We are about to enter the busiest time of year, both personally and professionally. The “to do” list gets longer and longer with year-end rapidly approaching, and the nights and weekends become more jammed-packed with errands and commitments.
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Stephanie Bishop is the Senior Business Intelligence Manager with the law firm of Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP in Richmond, where she has been since 2015. In the following interview, Stephanie shares her approach to client service and advice for career success.

How do you define excellent client servic
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Highly recommended and co-authored by Warren Farrell (author of The Myth of Male Power) and John Gray (author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus), The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do about It examines the reasons why boys and young men seem to be falling behind.
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In professional services business development, and in corporate America more generally, we are hearing more and more about words like empathy and relationship when it comes to client attraction, engagement and service delivery.
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The voice of the client is the most important voice of all. Whether that voice is one of an internal client, as you support one of your attorneys’ needs on a business development initiative or marketing project, or if you are directly interfacing with the clients of your firm: we all must listen.
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As the first and only solo marketer at your firm, you may be overwhelmed with the gargantuan tasks at hand – digital marketing, event planning, budgeting, and business development coaching, to name a few. The list is long, and it’s all on your plate at your table for one.

How did the firm get it do
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A wise friend once taught me that movements within society are far less about the leader of that movement and far more about the people who choose to be part of it.
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In this somewhat breathlessly written yet thoughtfully conceived book, motivational speaker and author, Rachel Hollis, tries to help women figure out what really matters to them in life and in work, and then take the right steps to achieve their goals.

Hollis’s basic advice to her readers is: not t
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Herb Thomas is Chief Marketing Officer of Whiteford, Taylor & Preston. He previously served as Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer of Dewey & LeBoeuf and Chief Administrative Officer of LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae.
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We as legal marketers find ourselves joining new teams all the time. Sometimes it’s for a new project, assuming a new role, starting a new job, or perhaps it’s a new volunteer position with LMA, like me. We all want to get past the “meet and greet” and move on to achieving our goals faster.
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A law firm’s culture is key to the firm’s brand. Any branding or re-branding efforts that you undertake will certainly measure external perceptions of your firm. However, it’s just as important to understand internal perceptions.
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When tasked with managing a team initiative, start by reviewing the previous process for executing the task. However, when faced with managing a new project without a roadmap to reference, it is sometimes difficult to decide where to start.
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Social media has become a staple in law firms’ strategic branding efforts, but marketers struggle to justify a business case, especially with lawyers who are hesitant to use social media for business development.
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Research shows us time and time again, that “our vibe affects our tribe.” In other words, if we are anxious or stressed, it negatively impacts the other members of our teams. A key way to manage that kind of stress and anxiety is through practicing mindfulness.

We all want to be the best leaders po
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In Busting Silos: How to Turn the Concept of Cross-Selling into Practice, Jaime Sheldon and Julia Studdard (Director of Business Development and Senior Business Development Manager, respectively) of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP presented a cross-selling case study.
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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” –John Quincy Adams

If you have had the pleasure of meeting Betsy Spellman, Chief Marketing Officer of Steptoe & Johnson PLLC, you have been in the presence of someone who epitomizes leadership.
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Firms invest significantly in their lawyers. When lawyers move to another firm, go in-house or leave the legal industry it is important to leverage alumni relationships and develop opportunities that will increase firm revenue.
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This deep dive session entitled “Driving Growth: Building Your Ability to Lead the Lawyers to Bring in More Profitable Business,” encourages us to take many “walks with a purpose” on the journey of developing business.
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As we look to the future for legal services, it’s an exciting new world. Legal service providers in 2019 and beyond are no longer exclusively provided by traditional law firm partnerships and the speakers made a compelling and enthusiastic argument for why this is ultimately a good thing.

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If you spend even ten minutes with Samantha McKenna, you might find that you’ve told her what you do, where you’re from and where you went on your last vacation. That’s because Sam is genuinely curious with a keen ability to connect with everyone she meets.
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A new year; a fresh start. A time that naturally spurs reflection and resolutions. When I embarked on my first role as a marketing coordinator (for a firm which previously had no such position), I found myself excited to take on a challenge, but hopelessly lost as to where to find the right tools...
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On February 21, the Baltimore Local held a lunch and learn to view the “Data Visualization” webinar presented by LMA all-stars, David Ackert, President of Ackert, Inc., and Kevin Iredell, Director of Business Development at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan.
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While in the early years of websites, digital experiences and design weren’t on the forefront of an innovator’s go-to-market strategy, a recent study in 2017 showed that 75% of web users will judge credibility based on web design.
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The greatest tool you will ever have in your career is found within yourself. As you progress in your career, you must sharpen your skills and learn new techniques to do what you do best, but you will always be you.
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An important court ruling comes down, and a lawyer calls and says, “We need to send out a client alert.” And so begins the race to write, edit and distribute content to clients’ inboxes before they are flooded with competitors’ articles on the same topic.

In a digital age riddled with information-o
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Having a robust strategic plan not only benefits the firm but can also be essential to the success of the marketing and business development team.
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It is vital that marketing technologists understand both the tactical and strategic value of their tools for greater efficiency, data-driven planning and enhanced client service. The following articles reveal a myriad of ways firms can leverage experience data strategically.
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Considering the expectations placed on partners for business development, why should we wait until promotion to partnership occurs to provide coaching, education and training to associates?
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For law firms, the public relations (PR) function is always changing. Much like the word “publication,” and its inherent print-based definition, the term “public relations” at times feels antiquated and inadequate to describe what this function has become. The question is, "Where are we going?"
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As our region’s co-director of programming, Tahisha Fugate is intensely involved in planning our programs for 2019, including our second annual conference, which is set for November in downtown D.C. This is just one of the many involvements that make Tahisha’s days and weeks busy and interesting.
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A #1 on the New York Times Business Bestseller list, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth about Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink explores the power of selling in our lives.
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LMA’s Advocacy Advisory Committee is leading the charge to advocate on behalf of our profession throughout the larger legal community. We are specifically looking for stories of LMA members who are doing “big things” in terms of leading the charge for change and innovation.
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One of the hottest topics in the legal industry today is Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). Which is why LMA would like to offer members the opportunity to attend the half-day pre-conference program entitled, Developing a Roadmap for Deliberate Diversity & Informed Inclusion.
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Calling All LMA Volunteers!

Would you like to take on more of a leadership role within the LMA Mid-Atlantic Region? Do you have an interest in developing deeper relationships with fellow LMA-MA members or expanding your skills and experience?
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Ashley Rosenblatt, senior marketing specialist at Gordon Feinblatt, is one of the two members who were honored with our prestigious “Member of the Year” award. The award was presented to Ashley at our Mid-Atlantic Region Conference.
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Ashley Hollingsworth, Brand Marketing Specialist at McDermott Will & Emery LLP, is one of the two members who were honored this year with our prestigious “Member of the Year” award. The award was presented to Ashley at our Mid-Atlantic Region Conference on November 1, 2018.
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The winner for the Mid-Atlantic Your Honor Award for Technology Management for 2018 is the law firm of Lerch, Early & Brewer for their website redesign. We spoke to Communications Specialist, Scott Pacheo.
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For this profile, we spoke to Alexa Curto, Marketing Events and Special Projects Coordinator at Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett, and Dunner, LLP.
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In order to maximize our technologies, emphasis must be placed on the business case. We often focus on this when requesting approval for a new technology, but it’s imperative to do so at every stage of the project, even after a successful launch.
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If law firms and legal careers are to blossom, lawyers must become much better at selling the services they and their colleagues provide.
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Law firms’ marketing and business development teams are increasingly tracking, analyzing, and using data to inform decision-making.
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The future of performance depends on the successful fusion of training, technology and teams. Darryl Cross delivered the keynote address at the LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference and spoke about how legal marketers can lead, innovate and collaborate to maximize their firms’ future performance.
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The inaugural LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference presented attendees with a variety of wonderful panels and other presentations. Among them was one titled “Breaking the Bimodal: Developing a Long-Term Digital Strategy.” During this presentation, the speakers, introduced the bimodal problem.
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The LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference offered panels and presentations. Among them was one titled “Communicating in the Moment.” During this dynamic presentation, Adam Severson examined ways legal marketers could improve how they communicate with their own clients – their firms' lawyers.
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As we find ourselves embarking upon a new year, we reflect back on 2018 to celebrate all that the year brought to us and all we hope to accomplish in 2019.
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Covington & Burling’s Natasha Edlow, Director of Pricing Analytics and Project Management, and Brad Williamson, Senior Strategic Pricing Analyst, spoke to the LMA Mid-Atlantic Future Leaders SIG on November 13, 2018 about what strategic pricing is, and what it means for marketing professionals.
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Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP was the winner of the 2018 Your Honor Award for Communications. The firm was honored for its work in developing a new brand for the newly merged firms (seen here). For this profile, we interviewed Katie Abbott, the firm’s Marketing and Communications Director.
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Thank you to our Region members and volunteers who contributed to our amazing programming and events this year. Let us take a moment to reflect on a few highlights from 2018.
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Check out this infographic that shows attendee data from the 2018 #LMAMidAtl Conference in Washington, DC, that took place November 1, 2018.
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Jenna Schiappacasse

Debbie Leitner
Immediate Past President

Rachel Shields Williams
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When coaching your lawyers in navigating an effective pitch, it is important to remember the five-stage framework of a sales conversation: 1) building rapport, 2) identifying pain points, 3) offering a solution, 4) overcoming objections, and 5) making the close.
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Those who know me well know that I have a love of story...

Often times, we as legal marketing and business development professionals spend so much time crafting stories of the firm’s brand or an individual attorney’s brand that we forget to put thought into what our own story looks like.
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It’s inevitable that a law firm marketing professional has a conversation with an ambitious attorney who utters the phrase, “I’d like to be in the New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.” The challenge is crafting an effective media campaign that turns this goal into reality.
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As technology evolves, as new systems are created and as previously unused strategies are adopted, it becomes almost impossible to stay on top of the ever-changing field of marketing. This panel discussed making the most of these advances for you and your firm.
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Firms have come a long way since D&I programs began to surface in the early 2000s. But, progress has been slow. Fortunately for the industry, a demographic of new lawyers is entering the profession, a generation arguably better prepared to lead the way on D&I than their predecessors – Millennials.
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Are you interested in volunteering for LMA? The LMA Mid-Atlantic Region has several opportunities for you to serve. There are many reasons to get involved – from giving back to the organization, to expanding your leadership skills, gaining industry knowledge
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The LMA Mid-Atlantic Region set its sights on “Perfecting the Pitch” for this edition of its newsletter. I was lucky to sit down with LMA member and leader, Rachel Shield Williams, to gain her insights into how the pitch is evolving and how legal marketers can best stay ahead of the curve.
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We need to prove that when necessary, we are capable of communicating our needs to benefit the firm and our teams. Most importantly, we have a better understanding of what it takes to get the initiative up and running, along with the upsides for the lawyers once we reach the end goal.
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Legal marketing professionals often take the lead on important firm and practice pitches, proposals and RFPs. It is not a quick and easy process. There is a significant amount of information and knowledge required to put together a well-crafted response.
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It is imperative to cover all angles and make a plan with your team before you face the general counsel of potential Best Client Ever. Don’t give away this hard-earned opportunity to a competitor by being unprepared. Here are a few ways you can help your attorneys avoid this misstep.
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In this new book, Murray Nossel, the founder and director of Narativ, a consulting firm that specializes in storytelling training for business, explains the relevance of stories to life on the job.
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Negotiating contracts with vendors, or anyone else, is a challenging but important part of legal marketing. Kisme Williams and Julia Bennett, both of Venable, spoke to the LMA Mid-Atlantic Future Leaders SIG about their vendor negotiation success stories and shared tips for negotiating contracts.
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The 2018 LMA Mid-Atlantic Regional Nominating Committee is pleased to present the slate of candidates for the 2019 LMA Mid-Atlantic Regional Governing Board for ratification.

These highly qualified candidates were selected by the regional nominating committee based on careful consideration and in a
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You are invited to submit an entry for the Mid-Atlantic Region 2018 Your Honor Awards. Submissions must be submitted online here by Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

Winners will be recognized at an awards celebration on November 1, 2018, during the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference.
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The regional nominating committees have begun the process of determining the slate of candidates to fill the regional governing board positions. LMA members will ratify the regional governing board slates in September, and new board members will begin their service as of January 1, 2019.

The LMA Mi
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Check out the second quarter edition of the Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter
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Whether you work in small law, big law or for a service provider, it’s evident that the legal profession has been undergoing a fairly significant transition. You can’t avoid the headlines talking about the disruption the industry is and will continue to experience.
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Confronted with pressures to do more with less, law firm clients became smarter about reducing their legal spend and placing greater focus on demonstrable value than ever before. As a result, firms spent much of the last decade finding new ways to be responsive to clients' demands.
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This article gives an overview of three types of intelligence that can be useful in developing strategy, and how they can shape legal marketing. Brace yourselves, because we’re going out of order.
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Big Ideas for Small Firm Marketers was a jam-packed PechaKucha-style session on day two of the LMA Annual Conference. This program delivered many ideas and practical takeaways in what felt like a whirlwind of a session.
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For quite some time, there have been rumblings in the legal industry that a few select business professionals were presented with the opportunity to have client-facing roles. These positions are not only becoming more commonplace, but are demonstrating true added value, efficiency and effectiveness.
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The Mardi Gras spirit was alive and well at #LMA18. Check out these highlights.
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Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the legal industry is having its moment right now – and the timing couldn’t be more relevant given the national political climate.
Keywords: Diversity & Inclusion | Region News | Region News
Without correctly implementing media and PR into business development, law firms could be missing important opportunities to showcase their attorneys and firm as a whole.
Keywords: Region News | Region News
With a venerable bumper crop of new tools and gadgets, it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff and retool a PR program for maximum business development impact in the digital-first era.
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In her role as chief marketing officer of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, Terra Liddell is constantly thinking about the firm’s marketing strategy and helping the firm come up with ways to put that strategy into practice.
Keywords: Region News | Region News
What do millennial associates actually want in a law firm, and how can firms reasonably accommodate?
Keywords: Region News | Region News
Are you interested in volunteering for LMA? The LMA Mid-Atlantic Region has several opportunities for you to serve.
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A recent LMA and Bloomberg Law study on legal marketing trends revealed that in 2018, 65 percent of legal marketers described their relationship with attorneys as “challenging at times.”
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We invite you to check out the first quarter edition of the Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter.
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Here are seven tips when working through the quality control (QC) process and executing the launch that I've gathered from my own experience.
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Technology has revolutionized how we live – from how we communicate and engage with people at work to how we buy goods and services. If we think about how technology has developed in just the past few years, it is astonishing to see the rate of change and how we have adapted – and the pace of evolut
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This brief and clearly written book is pitched as an introduction to a wide variety of issues and problems on the frontier of law and technology, and it performs this task quite well.
Keywords: Region News | Region News
In exploring “The Rise of the Legal Marketing Technologist,” we were lucky to be able to sit down with Rachel Patterson, Digital Marketing Technology Coordinator at Crowell & Moring, who shares how she came to the role and offers great advice for those considering the career path.
Keywords: Region News | Region News
Here are three ways to prioritize analytics in support of your business development initiatives.
Keywords: Region News | Region News
Here are just a few ways that marketing technologists and content marketers can collaborate and prepare for the future of SEO.
Keywords: Region News | Region News
The legal technology arena has become crowded with thousands of vendors vying for your firm’s business. It can be hard even to keep up with what the different types of platforms are and how they might be helpful.
Keywords: Region News | Region News
There aren’t enough hours in the day to implement all of our ideas, and frankly, not all ideas are worthy of implementation. How can we use data to prioritize and strategize our marketing and business development initiatives?
Keywords: Region News | Region News
In this article, I asked my fellow “unicorns” in the LMA Mid-Atlantic region who have given rise to the evolving marketing technology role their thoughts on marketing technology, or martech.
Keywords: Region News | Region News
Get to know the members of your 2018 regional board.
Keywords: Region News
There’s nothing more satisfying than completing a major project or presentation. But, if you’re doing things right, you need to dive right back in and assess the success of the project beyond its outcome.
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We invite you to check out the November/December edition of the Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter.
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Emily Flowers has served as the editor and steward of this publication for three years and has seamlessly navigated the change from a chapter publication to one that serves the entire region. In addition, Emily served on the Board of Directors for the Capitals Chapter in both 2015 and 2016.
Keywords: Region Member Spotlight
In 2017, for the first time, legal marketers in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia came together as the LMA Mid-Atlantic Region. Together our 450+ members strengthened the value of our LMA membership to ensure the future growth and success of our community, while also nav
Keywords: Marketing Management and Leadership | Region News
One of the great things about the new year is that it offers a fresh slate. Most of us make a bunch of “New Year’s resolutions” and charge into the chill of January with renewed optimism. 
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It’s possible to make a difference in your firm’s search engine rankings by following certain SEO best practices, say Jacqueline Madarang, Senior Marketing Technology Manager at Bradley, and Jacob Berschauer, Marketing Technology Manager at Venable.
Keywords: Best Practices | Future Leaders | Region News | SEO
Shift Ahead: How the Best Companies Stay Relevant in a Fast-Changing World. By Allen Adamson and Joel Steckel. American Management Association, 2018. $27.95. Reviewed by Jonathan Groner
Keywords: Book Review | Region News | Shift Ahead
It's the most wonderful time of the year to nurture client relationships. For most lawyers and law firms, the start of the holiday season means sending gifts and cards to their clients. It also means inviting them to holiday gatherings.
Keywords: Client Relationships | Holiday Party | Region News
We invite you to check out the September/October 2017 edition of the Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter. This issue features articles from our members that focus on artificial intelligence.
Keywords: Region News | September/October 2017 Newsletter
Nathan’s legal marketing career spans 20 years, and for most of those years, he has been an active and contributing LMA member. He served the legacy Capital chapter in various capacities, including as Chapter President in 2005, helping to shape and grow the community into the thriving group.
Keywords: Region News
How can our industry use technological-innovation for market disruption, business efficiency and client service?
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence | Next Big Thing | Region News
Contrary to what some may believe, business skills can be learned by anyone, even liberal arts majors, says Nicholas Zinn, Strategic Pricing Manager at Covington & Burling.
Keywords: Region News
In Twitter Strategy Part I, we discussed several foundational strategies to setup your firm for effective Twitter marketing. In Part II, we’ll cover improving audience engagement, implementing an editorial calendar, benchmarking, and the ever-elusive topic of account verification.
Keywords: Region News | Trends
Businesses worldwide will be transformed over the next few years by enormous advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Very large investments are being made by some of the world’s largest tech companies, including several in the legal space.
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence | Big Idea | Next Big Thing | Region News
Businesses are changing the way they interact with nonprofits that support their communities and the causes important to them. Gone are the days of simply writing checks.
Keywords: Region News | Trends
I’m no expert on artificial intelligence – or even technology for that matter – but it doesn’t matter. It’s 2017, and artificial intelligence is profoundly impacting our personal and professional lives. As a millennial (yes, I went there), I am All. About. Convenience.
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence | Big Idea | Next Big Thing | Regions
Carolin joined the legal marketing community three years ago after spending more than a decade in the consulting world, most recently at Booz Allen Hamilton. There, she led the marketing efforts for business units and managed corporate marketing strategy.
Keywords: Region News
Gina is one of the few law firm marketers who can say she’s been with the same firm for the entirety of her career. She has seen significant change in the delivery of legal services during that time and knows that what we do – as in-house legal marketers – is constantly evolving. Learning new things
Keywords: Region News
Cindy fell into the legal world via human resources. Finding a niche in HR technology, she moved to the firm’s IT department and began working in development.
Keywords: Region News
If you wish to read one book about the origins, the challenges and the potentials of artificial intelligence, I can’t imagine a better choice than this exhilarating work by Max Tegmark, a professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a leading AI researcher.
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence | Next Big Thing | Region News
As only 7.5 percent of law firms in the United States have begun using artificial intelligence (AI) as of 2017, those early adopters are able to position themselves as forward-thinking innovators. It will likely be years before AI serves a significant portion of the legal market.
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence | Next Big Thing | Region News
Ezra is a born mentor. He truly cares about the growth of his colleagues as well as LMA. In his nomination for the region’s Hall of Fame, his nominator noted, “I have always turned to him for advice and he has always been willing to help anyone I ask him to help in terms of professional advice.
Keywords: Region News
On September 26, members of all three LMA Mid-Atlantic Local Groups gathered to celebrate the amazing work of our members and their firms throughout the region.
Keywords: Region News
One aspect of strategy that is often forgotten is the concept of a personal strategy. All of us need to develop a plan for our careers and to check back on a regular basis as life goes on and as things change.
Keywords: Region News
A content strategy within the context of legal practice is often devised with the objective of positioning lawyers, practice groups or industry teams as thought leaders in their respective areas of expertise.
Keywords: Region News
What is our LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Your Honor Awards strategy?
Keywords: Region News
For firms just starting out or looking to grow their Twitter following, it is always best to start with a plan and a set of goals that align with the firm’s big picture strategic plan and other digital marketing initiatives.
Keywords: Industry News
Strategic planning is a buzz phrase that you often hear around this time each year. But what does strategic planning really mean, and what needs to be taken into consideration?
Keywords: Industry News | Region News
For law firms looking to be truly strategic with their communications, it is critical to plan and execute not just for today, but for three to five years from now.
Keywords: Region News
This one-and-a-half day session is for anyone who may be interested in enrolling in the GW Master’s program in Law Firm Management. It is intended to expose attendees to a selected number of the faculty and the subjects they teach in the master’s degree program, as well as a panel of recent graduate
Keywords: Education
Dear LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Members,

The LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Board of Directors and I want to recognize the LMA International’s announcement to sunset the following three recognition award programs at the international level: The Your Honor Awards, Rising Star Award and the LMA Hall of Fame.
Keywords: Announcements | Region News
We invite  you to check out the May/June 2017 edition of the Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter. This issue features articles from our members that focus on the benefits of volunteering—both in the community and on the job. 

Read the full May/June 2017 issue.
Keywords: May/June 2017 Newsletter | Region News
You are invited to submit an entry for the Mid-Atlantic Region 2017 Your Honor Awards. The Mid-Atlantic Region Your Honor Awards program was developed to recognize our member firms that illustrate excellence in marketing and business development strategies.
Keywords: Body of Knowledge | Community Engagement | Hall of Fame | May/June 2017 Newsletter | Newsletter | Region News | Your Honor Awards
Did you know that as part of your profile settings you can select not only your region but also your local chapter? As a member of the Mid-Atlantic Region you have the option to receive announcements and invitations from the entire region.
Keywords: Local Group | May/June 2017 Newsletter | Profile | Region | Region News
As summer is now underway in the Mid-Atlantic region, many people are preparing for the height of vacation season. Many other people – including legal industry professionals – are also preparing for the height of volunteer season.
Keywords: American Heart Association | Lawyers Have Heart | May/June 2017 Newsletter | Region News | Run | Volunteer
Are you interested in volunteering for LMA? The Mid-Atlantic Region has several opportunities for you to serve. There are many reasons to get involved – from giving back to the organization, to expanding your leadership skills and more.
Keywords: May/June 2017 Newsletter | Region News | Volunteer
Learn more about Debbie Henry.
Marketing – Assistant Director/Gordon Feinblatt LLC
Keywords: Debbie Henry | May/June 2017 Newsletter | Member Profile | Region News
Learn more about Katie Castillo.
Business Development Specialist at Baker Donelson
Keywords: Katie Castillo | May/June 2017 Newsletter | Member Profile | Region News
Learn more about Amanda Arwood.
Senior Business Development Manager, Troutman Sanders LLP
Keywords: Amanda Arwood | May/June 2017 Newsletter | Member Profile | Region News
Learn more about Rebecca Edwards.
Marketing and Business Development Professional
Keywords: May/June 2017 Newsletter | Member Profile | Rebecca Edwards | Region News
At any law firm, the JD/Non-JD dynamic looms large. Marketers are on a continual quest to create the most fruitful working relationships.
Keywords: May/June 2017 Newsletter | Partner | Region News | Success | Team | Volunteer
The LMA Virginias Local Group gathered at the Richmond office of McGuire Woods on June 7th for a presentation by Marc Friedman, Senior Counsel at Dentons and experienced Executive Coach, on lateral integration and business development plan coaching. 
Keywords: Business Development | Lateral Integration | LMA Virginias | May/June 2017 Newsletter | Personal Brand | Region News
The key to being a positive contributor to your law firm’s public relations efforts is understanding the role and scope of the firm’s PR efforts, says Kathryn Holmes Johnson, director of marketing and communications at Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox.

Your firm likely has common PR actions (regard
Keywords: Announcements | May/June 2017 Newsletter | PR | Recognition | Relationships | Team
Volunteering has its benefits. It provides opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills, while connecting with other professionals to lead our profession.
Keywords: Announcements | Experience | Fulfillment | Growth | May/June 2017 Newsletter | Networking | Volunteer
Richard Branson is the 66-year-old British billionaire who founded Virgin Atlantic airline and dozens of other successful business ventures. A maverick entrepreneur who has spent most of his life fighting the business establishment.
Keywords: Announcements | Capitalism | May/June 2017 Newsletter | Richard Branson
Those of us lucky enough to belong to a law firm with a strong commitment to community service appreciate the opportunities such a culture affords.
Keywords: Announcements | Community Service | May/June 2017 Newsletter | Volunteer
Coffee dates, lunch meetings, and conference room meetups have largely fallen by the wayside as internal teams and vendors are spread across the country or even the world. Fortunately, technology allows us to meet up and maximize our productivity, despite a lack of face time.
Keywords: Region News
It’s time to refocus as a team.

At my firm, we have initiated a market segment team approach. Other firms may refer to these teams as “industries.”
Keywords: Business Development | Cross-Sellling | Region News
Working with outside marketing and communications agencies can offer many benefits – greater industry perspective; scalable, on-demand, on-call resources; and access to industry specialists, to name just a few.
Keywords: Collaborating Organizations | Communications | Region News | value
Extreme Teams: Why Pixar, Netflix, Airbnb, and Other Cutting-Edge Companies Succeed Where Most Fail, by Robert Bruce Shaw. American Management Association, publication date 2017. $27.95.

Book Review by Jonathan Groner
Keywords: Book Review | Company Pages | Region News | Teambuilding | Technology Management
As a legal marketing veteran with over 12 years of in-house experience, Tara is now a partner and one of three owners at Wicker Park Group.
Keywords: Member Profile | Region News
Teamwork is not a new concept within law firms. Client teams, practice groups, and committees have reigned supreme for decades, but fully realized organizational collaboration is not always part of the traditional law firm environment.
Keywords: Collaborating Organizations | competition | Region News | Teambuilding
On March 27–29, more than 1,400 legal marketers from across the globe converged at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas for the 2017 LMA Annual Conference.
Keywords: 2017 Annual Conference | Business of Law | Program Recaps | Region News
Jim is the Director of Pricing & LPM (Legal Project Management) for Hunton & Williams LLP.  While Jim’s group is part of the finance organization and he reports to the CFO, he views his role as at least 50 percent business development. 
Keywords: Member Profile | Region News
The YHA program is coming to the Mid-Atlantic Region!
Keywords: Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter | Region News | YHA
There are two main goals when integrating laterals into your firm: (1) get their book of business up and running and (2) integrate them into your firm’s culture.
Keywords: Integrated Marketing | Lateral Hiring | Region News
One of the key aspects of being an effective member of your legal marketing team is to know and understand all of the resources available to you.
Keywords: Accounting | Client Services | Finance | Office Settings | Reception | Region News
Change is hard and scary. The most important part of navigating change is team momentum via collaboration.
Keywords: Change | Collaboration | Region News
The LMA Virginias Local Group gathered at the Richmond office of McGuire Woods on January 11th for the first program of the year, a presentation by Christina Fritsch of ClientsFirst Consulting on how to identify and implement technology that can make a real difference in the business development
Keywords: Region News
Love it or hate it, change is ironically an inevitable constant in our whole lives, personal and professional. Sometimes factors out of our control present change like reorganizations, ineffective management or economic downturns. The harder questions come when the ball is in your court.
Keywords: Region News
Making partner is often the apex of a lawyer’s career. Making partner means the late nights, long weekends, and countless billable hours have paid off. They have earned the respect of their peers, who have decided to put their trust in the new partner’s work ethic, leadership skills and origination
Keywords: Region News
According to the 2015 Altman Weil Flash Survey, “Law Firms in Transition,” only 31 percent of firms have a formal succession plan in place. With Baby Boomers representing 95 percent of law firm leadership as of American Lawyer’s 2015 survey, retirement is a reality firms must face - and face now.
Keywords: Region News
David Pray was recently hired by Charleston, West Virginia, based law firm Bailey & Glasser as “Chief Transformational Officer” — championing the growing firm’s continuous improvement initiatives and related lean initiatives.
Keywords: Region Member Spotlight | Region News
If you have not been through a law firm merger yourself, chances are that someone in your legal marketing circle has. According to Law360, there were 85 US law firm mergers in 2016, just slightly fewer than the 91 combinations tracked in 2015.
Keywords: Region News
On January 31, 2017, Jennifer Johnson Scalzi, founder of J. Johnson Executive Search, presented the program Recalibrating from Non-Lawyer to Revenue Enabler™: Positioning Yourself and Your Team to Work in Tandem with Revenue Producers to Achieve Sustainable Growth. 

Current Trends in the Legal Indu
Keywords: Region News
Welcome to the LMA Mid-Atlantic Region!

It is an exciting time to be a LMA member. In 2017, for the first time, legal marketers in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia have come together to form the LMA Mid-Atlantic Region. The combination of our more than 450 members
Keywords: President's Message | Region News
Law is a multibillion dollar industry that plays an integral part of nearly every development, particularly in the business world. Law firms are also major employers and community partners. Despite these elements, media reporting on the industry remains light.
Keywords: Region News
We have all experienced it, the ambiguity associated with adjusting to new organizational structure and to working with new teammates. The marketing department at my firm has been experiencing change.
Keywords: Region News
Why is change so hard? That seems like a question asked in every self-help book. And it also seems that every such book has a solution to making change easier. But authors Chip Heath and Dan Heath provide solutions by closely examining real-life situations in Switch: How to Change Things When Change
Keywords: Region News
There are many ways to respond when someone asks the age-old DC question, “What do you do?” However, what you should never do is reply with the dreaded “just” phrase.
“When you say, ‘I’m just marketing’... talk about shooting yourself in the foot,” says Nicole Steckman, marketing manager
Keywords: Region News
Would you like to take on more of a leadership role within the Legal Marketing Association Mid-Atlantic Region on a regional level and local steering committees and projects? Do you have an interest in developing deeper relationships with fellow Mid-Atlantic region members
Keywords: Region News | Volunteer
Thank you to all who braved the rain to join us in celebrating the end of a great year at the Capital Chapter Holiday Party on December 6. Special thanks to our generous sponsors - Association of Corporate Counsel and JD Supra!
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
Helena Lawrence

President, 2017 LMA Mid-Atlantic Regional Board Senior Marketing & Business Development Manager, Orrick

Helena provides strategic guidance, thought leadership, project management and process improvement, for client service, business development, sales, practice and marketing initi
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
Dave Harvey is now a Director of Business Development for O'Melveny & Myers. He is responsible for marketing and business development globally for the firm's Litigation Department where he manages a team of marketing professionals. O'Melveny is an internationally acclaimed law firm of approximately
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
On December 13, 2016, Lia Dorsey, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, was the principal speaker at the LMA Future Leaders SIG Brownbag program. Her presentation titled, “The Business Case for Diversity,” explored the differences between diversity and inclusion and pro
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
The countdown has begun! 2017 is just around the corner and for many this is a welcome relief from a challenging 2016. However, for LMA, particularly the Capital Chapter, I am glad to report the upside.

As each year passes, I am increasingly grateful for LMA and all that it has to offer.
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
Law firms (if they haven’t already) will continue to move forward with developing technology solutions for a simple reason: their clients expect it, says Adam Stock, Chief Marketing & Client Services Officer at Allen Matkins.

It comes down to doing things “more efficiently because clients
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Education
In 2016, led by President Katie Munroe and supported by our Membership, Technology and Sponsorship Chairs, Program Chair Rachel Shields Williams and her committee set out to create an educational calendar that offered a diversity of programming to help us connect-the-dots across several legal market
Keywords: Capital Chapter Program | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
Marketing automation is arguably the biggest shift we will see for law firm websites in 2017 and the coming years.

Marketing automation is “software designed to execute and automate marketing efforts in a highly segmented, efficient, and results-oriented way,” according to Right Source, partner of
Keywords: Capital Chapter Program | Education
Katie Castillo is now Business Development Specialist at Ober | Kaler. She was previously Marketing Information Technology Specialist.

Gina Eliadis is now Senior Marketing Manager at Ober | Kaler. She previously focused on Creative and New Media.

Ashley Smith has joined the marketing tea
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
Like many legal marketing professionals, Ashley Briggs, a business development coordinator at Arent Fox LLP, ended up in the profession by chance – she’d probably call it good fortune.

Back in 2013, she saw an advertisement on an online job board for a hybrid HR and business development position at
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region Member Spotlight
Business development teams, especially those supporting labor law practices, should take a renewed interest in pitching their services to private universities. In early September, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that graduate students working as teaching and research assistants at pr
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Industry News
On October 26, the Capital Chapter held its 2016 Annual Half Day Program – Our Clients: How Do We Help Lawyers Move the Needle?  The event was moderated by Joe Calve, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at McGuireWoods. The panel of guests included: Cynthia Cherry, Chief Human Resources O
Keywords: Annual Half-Day | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
The ultimate goal within the legal marketing profession is to establish yourself as a trusted advisor to your lawyers. While lawyers and legal marketers are both trained in client service, writing, and business development, we legal marketers provide unique and valuable perspectives that help set ou
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Industry News
Ask a room full of legal marketers how their firms got started in content marketing, and the answer will likely be, “Well, we just kind of did it.” Many of us probably dove headlong into the practice without a complete understanding of what content marketing can do and how to get the most out of it.
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Industry News
In the highly competitive legal market, potential clients have many options for most types of legal work. In some instances, attorney brand advocacy can be the difference between landing a client or not.

But, you probably already know this; as a legal marketer, expanding your digital imprint has be
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Help and Training
Legal marketing is unique among other in-house marketing roles in that you are serving the organization as whole and individual lawyers simultaneously. I often describe my role as a legal marketer as a hybrid between in-house and agency work – my job is to advance the goals of one organization (the
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Help and Training
The holiday season is quickly approaching.  Just step into any major retail store, and you will be reminded that the season of giving, spiced eggnog, gingerbread, pinecones and the like will soon be upon us.  For us legal marketers, that means holiday e-cards are of top priority.

Over the years, we
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Industry News
Events are the second most powerful marketing tool for your law firm (after the website) and a ripe business development opportunity that you should not waste, says Rachel Sapperstein, marketing director at Blank Rome. Rachel, speaking to the Future Leaders SIG on September 28, 2016, shared practica
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Future Leaders SIG | Help and Training
Efficiency. Value. Predictability. Consistency. Quality. These are the five qualities that were emphasized throughout this program, which was held on September 14, 2016. Catherine Alman MacDonagh, JD, CEO and Founder of the Legal Lean Sigma Institute LLC, offered an empowering toolkit of strategies
Keywords: Capital Chapter Event | Education | Six Sigma
Some people make a point of being quirky and memorable at networking events. What do you do? “I guide people through the jungle.” What do you do? “I peel onions.”

This approach certainly has its merits.
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas | Region News
On Tuesday, July 26, more than 130 members of the LMA community gathered at the Longview Gallery for an fun evening of mixing and mingling at the annual summer social. Always one of the most anticipated events of the year, attendees had a wonderful time socializing with friends...
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News | Summer Social
Although the temperatures aren’t yet reflecting it, summer is winding to a close. And we, as marketers–ever forward-looking beings–are beginning to think about next year. 2017 survey deadlines are approaching. Business plans and budgets are due.
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | President's Podium | Region News
Legal Marketing Launch with Bentley Tolk is a podcast of interviews with law firm rainmakers, in-house legal marketing professionals, and marketing and business development consultants, and service providers.

I first discovered the podcast after Nancy Mryland was interviewed about Twitter
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Education
The inaugural Legal Marketing Technology Conference/Midwest took place on June 23 at Chicago’s Union League Club and welcomed more than 200 legal marketing professionals.

The event brought together some of the leading strategists, consultants and marketing executives from the legal commun
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Chapter Events | Region News | Technology
In today’s world, social media is a critical component of a well-rounded marketing strategy. The benefits of social media are evidenced by the fact that most thriving organizations have learned to embrace it. Although it is not all that complicated to formulate a social media strategy and hit the gr
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News | Social Media
Four leading marketing and business development consultants share their answers.

In the constantly shifting and increasingly hyper-competitive legal business environment, effective law firm marketing with direct involvement from attorneys has become critical. The way attorneys engage with current a
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Industry News
Ezra Crawford has joined Crowell & Moring as Director, Practice Group Business Development and Management. Previously he was a Senior Consultant at Knapp Marketing.

Trey Flythe joined Alston & Bird as a Business Development Coordinator in June. Trey is a boomerang!
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Comings and Goings | Region News
On July 19, 2016, the Future Leaders SIG received an MBA crash course in strategy and marketing by Helena Lawrence, Senior Marketing & Business Development Manager at Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP.
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Future Leaders | MBA program | Program Review | Region News
We live in a multi-platform, multi-screen world. Marketing departments are now responsible for handling content that will be used across communication channels and viewed in various formats. Compelling communications that can compete with the messaging of other firms is essential
Keywords: Big Ideas | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News | technology trends
Imagine you’re at a cocktail reception, surrounded by a group of prospective clients, to whom you are enthusiastically extolling the capabilities of your firm’s litigation practice. One among your group listens earnestly, asks questions, and suggests you connect with her to chat again.
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
On May 25, Adam Severson, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Baker Donelson and Immediate Past President of the Legal Marketing Association, shared with the Capital Chapter his perspective on how to use marketing and business strategies to gain a greater market share of ...
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
At the LMA Annual Conference the association unveiled the LMA Body of Knowledge (BoK), a professional roadmap for legal marketing and business development professionals to use as a foundational resource of ideas, definitions and activities. The BoK defines the basic and advanced experience
Keywords: Body of Knowledge | Book Review | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
Congratulations! Your lawyers created their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and are ready to engage online. Now what? They are ready to consistently spend 10 minutes a day on social media to raise their profile, expand their network, showcase their knowledge and stay current on the news that effects
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News | Social Media Use
Congratulations! You are an associate at your dream firm, doing interesting work for industry-leading clients. Now all you have to do is keep your head down, bill your hours, and enjoy an industry-high associate salary while you climb the ranks to eventual rainmaker status – right? 
Keywords: Attorney Coaching | Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
Long gone are the days of only providing outstanding legal services and calling it a day. Nowadays, clients want (and expect) much more from their legal teams. So what are some ways you can show your clients how much you know about their business? Here are a few things you can start doing now:

Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Client Service | Region News
At the LMA Future Leaders SIG Brownbag on May 26, 2016, Chay Rao, Marketing Content Manager at Steptoe & Johnson LLP, presented key tips, tricks, and techniques to attain the best results from submissions to Chambers USA (Chambers) and to The Legal 500 US (The Legal 500), the two most esta
Keywords: Capital Chapter Program | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Future Leaders SIG | Region News
A law firm’s attorneys are its brand ambassadors. In many cases, general counsel and inside counsel are hiring an attorney – due to the relationship – more so than they are hiring “the firm.” As a result, it has become more and more important to humanize the firm early in the buying proces
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News

In today’s world, social media is a critical component of a well-rounded marketing strategy. The benefits of social media are evidenced by the fact that most thriving organizations have learned to embrace it.
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
In the legal field, where rational thought and rules (many rules) reign supreme, marketing and client development—less than perfect sciences—can seem abstract. This makes our roles as legal marketers critical to the success of our lawyers as they seek to develop and maintain their books of business.
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
While content marketing has traditionally taken a back seat in law firm strategy, it is no longer a topic that can be ignored. Content has become an essential facet of a well-rounded marketing strategy, and there is no shortage of vehicles that lawyers can employ to share their ideas with the outsid
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Marketing Strategy | Region News
The LMA 2016 Annual Conference brought energy and fresh perspectives to legal marketers attendees across the United States and abroad.

Real time conference highlights were memorialized on Twitter at #LMA16 and photo memories were shared at #LMA16Selfie. LexBlog covered a number of sessions througho
Keywords: #LMA16 | 2016 LMA Annual Conference | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
Talia Baghdoyan has joined Morgan Lewis as a Business Development Coordinator for their Energy and FDA practices.

Martin Gold has joined McBee Strategic Consulting as Executive Vice President of Business Development.

Nicole Steckman has joined Bryan Cave LLP as a Marketing Manager supporting their
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Comings and Goings | Region News
Key Considerations When Auditing Your Site

How do you know if your website is effective? Well first, let’s preface this by stating that “effective” can mean different things to different people and different firms. It all depends on your goals and strategic initiatives. The best way to make that de
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News | Websites
Including the recent rash of cybersecurity attacks on law firms, cybersecurity breaches have become a regular part of the 24-hour news cycle. In response to the “when, not if” specter of cybercrime faced by corporate America, DLA Piper has developed a robust and globally-recognized cybersecurity pra
Keywords: Big Ideas | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Cybersecurity | Region News
So your firm is finally accepting that marketing is necessary in the current legal landscape and they have given you their blessing to market away. But there is that constant nagging/lingering question of “How do we know this is working?” While measuring the effectiveness of individual pieces of a m
Keywords: Analytics | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
Baltimore City Group Chair Jenna Schiappacasse did not start out to win an award when she took on her leadership role. But her excellent performance and commitment to growing the Baltimore City Group for Baltimore-area LMA members earned her this prestigious, peer-selected award. In fact, she says,
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region Member Spotlight | Region News | YHA
On March 9th, the Baltimore City Group kicked off the season at their annual Spring Social. The group mingled over Brazilian cocktails, appetizers and Fogo’s famous “pão de queijo,” or Brazilian cheese bread, generously sponsored by Fogo de Chão Baltimore.

Fogo de Chão features private spaces for g
Keywords: Baltimore City Group | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, the Capital and New York chapters’ Future Leaders’ SIGs presented a collaborative program that discussed best practices for managing the pitch and RFP response process.
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Chapter Events | Future Leaders | Region News
On February 3, the Future Leaders SIG hosted its first brownbag program of 2016, “Tales from the Trenches: How to Successfully Grow a Legal Marketing Career.” The program was led by: Jason Mulgrew, Director of Business Development & Marketing at Morgan Lewis, Rachel Shields Williams
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Career Development | Future Leaders SIG | Region News
Katten’s marketing team received the Capital Engagement award at LMA Capital Chapter’s 2015 Your Honor Awards ceremony in recognition of their work on the 2015 Food for the Bar campaign. This month-long charitable campaign, held by the Capital Area Food Bank each May, encourages law firms and legal
Keywords: Capital Area Food Bank | Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Food From The Bar | Region News
In the world of content marketing, analytics are becoming increasingly important in shaping thought leadership strategy. Analytics shed light on readership trends, allowing us to gauge audience interest and utilize these observations to position ourselves as true thought leaders.
Keywords: Analytics | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
Big data, when embraced, is a powerful tool that can be used to identify business needs and opportunities. Gathering data from traditional and online sources inside and outside your firm can help you understand your firm/practice better and identify opportunities and priorities.
Keywords: Analytics | Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
Measurement has always been a highly desirable, even a necessary, aspect of marketing, and indeed of any aspect of business. After all, without the ability to measure and assign numerical values to a project or activity, it would be nearly impossible to determine whether the activity is worthwhile.
Keywords: Book Review | Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
The LMA Capital Chapter recently presented "Predictive Analytics Model,” a case study on how DLA Piper and their partner, Axiom, used the firm’s big data to develop a predictive analytics model to identify and retain vulnerable clients.
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
These days, clients want matters handled better, faster and cheaper, and many legal matters are now being handled as projects. So structuring and planning projects is likely to be part of your role as a legal marketer -- even if you aren’t a formal project manager with a PMP or other certification.
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Project Management | Region News | Technology Management
Jose Cunningham is the new Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at Nixon Peabody LLP. Previously he was the Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at Crowell & Moring LLP.

Louis C. Abramovitz has left his position as librarian at Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP and has become a resea
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Comings and Goings | Region News
As we hit our strides in each new year, I suspect that many of us find ourselves slipping back into routine despite our best intentions and resolutions for the months ahead. If you are like me, it can take an extra nudge to push out, and stay out, of our comfort zones...
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | President's Message | Region News
We started the 2016 year off with our first ever members-only appreciation social!  Members enjoyed an evening of hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and networking with new and returning members of the Capital Chapter.

We also celebrated the LMA Capital Chapter 2015 Your Honor Awards winners.
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
On January 29, 2016, Tasneem K. Goodman, Managing Director at Akina, led a discussion at the Capital Chapter on “Disruptive Innovation: Law2023.”

The Law2023 study sought to answer the question: What changes could the legal industry make in order to ensure its success in the year 2023?
Keywords: Business Development Plans | Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
Approximately 700,000 people in the DC metropolitan area are at risk of hunger. In 2014, the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) distributed 45 million pounds of food —equivalent to 35 million meals — to 540,000 kids, seniors, veterans and working families. That’s 12 percent of the region’s population.
Keywords: Capital Area Food Bank | Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | Region News
A key driver in today’s legal environment is the need to manage all aspects of a firm as efficiently as possible to enhance the client experience and drive profits. Much of a law firm’s day-to-day work involves marketing projects that must be managed effectively to achieve those ends.
Keywords: Capital Chapter | Capital Ideas Newsletter | certification | Region News
You have an opportunity to connect with more than 450 legal marketers by partnering with LMA’s Mid-Atlantic Region. Sponsoring our region allows vendors and service providers to create new client relationships and increase awareness about their services.
Keywords: Capital Ideas Newsletter | Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter | Mid-Atlantic Region Sponsorships | Region News | Sponsorships