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The call for volunteers is now closed. Applicants will be notified of their 2020 committee appointment in mid-December. 

Develop deeper relationships and experiences with your fellow members by contributing your skills to one of the LMA committees that best fit your interests. Review the 2020 priorities and objectives for each of the committees accepting applicants below. 

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to help enrich the LMA community and elevate the legal marketing profession. Ideal volunteers are those willing and able to step outside their own individual experiences to consider what’s best for the LMA as a whole. If you are unsure where you fit in, please review our core qualities of great volunteer leaders.

Note that some committees are filled by appointment and thus are not listed as available for you to express interest. All committee members must be LMA members in good standing in order to serve.

We will review the Expressions of Interest with the 2020 Committee Co-Chairs and appoint members in mid-December. We will contact all who express interest by that time. LMA volunteers are the foundation of our association and we hope to find a volunteer opportunity for all who express interest. 

Thank you for your continued support of LMA!

Scopes of Committees Seeking Volunteers in 2020

Diversity and inclusion committee

The Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) mission is to effectuate change by empowering and equipping LMA and its members to build diverse and inclusive marketing and business development teams.

The D&I Committee has several goals set forth for 2020, including but not exclusive to: reviewing LMA policies and procedures to ensure inclusivity; identifying and sourcing case studies and examples of successful D&I initiatives that impact a firm’s bottom line; and further developing LMA’s mentor/mentee program at Annual Conference and year-round with the goal of cultivating future leaders and bringing more diverse candidates to LMA leadership.

Chair: Jessica Aries

Board Liason: Christine Harris

Staff Liason: Emily Schmitt

Number of Volunteer Slots Open: 8-10

Timeline of Service: 1 year

Average Dedicated Time per Month: 1-2 hours

Valuable Skillsets: 1, 5, 10, 11, 16, 20

Education Advisory Council

The Education Advisory Council (EAC) is a cross-section of the LMA membership and volunteers are appointed on an annual basis. The committee operations are guided by the staff liaison to strategize initiatives, guide best practices and serve as ambassadors. Advisory council members are visionaries, thought-leaders, guides and ambassadors that come from LMA’s many constituencies. The EAC will play an integral role in educational development and content, and ultimately, the value of the Legal Marketing Association.

Board Liaison: Cynthia P. Voth

Staff Liaison: Holly Amatangelo

Number of Volunteer Slots Open: 6

Timeline of Service: 2 years

Average Dedicated Time per Month: 3-5 hours

Valuable Skillsets: 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 15, 19, 20

strategies journal editorial board

The Strategies Journal Editorial Board determines, supervises and facilitates content of LMA's publication, Strategies — The Journal of Legal Marketing. The magazine is published six (6) times per year. Committee members can expect to become actively involved in the production of the magazine. Each year we have 6 issues of Strategies and ask that two committee members per issue act as co-issue editors. These are assigned at the beginning of the year. The Editorial Board also identifies opportunities for additional revenue and content distribution. Committee members are asked to be highly involved in suggesting innovative ideas for content, offering sources for authors and even offering to write content if interested. 

Chairs: Beth Cuzzone and Jenna Schiappacasse

Board Liaison: Roy E. Sexton

Staff Liaison: Kristin Fields

Number of Volunteer Slots Open: 14

Timeline of Service: 1 year. Issue editors may see a spike in time for an additional 3 month period.

Average Dedicated Time per Month: 1 hour/month; approximately 8 additional hours as an issue editor

Valuable Skillsets: 1, 10, 13, 15, 16

Website Strategy and user experience task force

A brand’s public website is its most important asset and communication vehicle. We are excited to share that LMA is moving forward with a full website redesign, in support of the recommendations from the 2019 Technology Roadmap Task Force. The Website Strategy and User Experience Task Force is the first of three task forces supporting LMA’s website redesign. Members of this task force will be instrumental for:

  • Developing the overall strategy of the public website
  • Identifying the primary quantitative goals of the website that will be used to track success on an ongoing basis
  • Researching best-in-class design (e.g., coding structure, visual graphics, navigation, messaging) to best meeting the needs of today’s tech-savvy member
  • Defining improved user journeys focused on membership, key benefits and event registration
  • Developing the site navigation and content structure based on the task force-defined user journeys
  • Jointly developing and reviewing wireframes for the external website and supporting technology platforms, as needed

It is based on the work of this task force that the Website Design and Branding Task Force will move forward. The LMA Board of Directors will review the recommendations of this task force for approval at the March Board meeting.

Volunteers interested in contributing to both the strategy/user experience as well as the website visual design/content are encouraged to apply for both task forces; however, please note that these task forces will be highly concentrated in their volunteerism time.

Board Liaison: Michelle R. Friends

Staff Liaisons: Kat Seiffert and Meredith Halperin

Number of Volunteer Slots Open: 8-10

Timeline of Service: January-April

Average Dedicated Time per Month: 5 hours

Valuable Skillsets: 1, 15, 16, 19, 20

WEBSITE Design and branding task force

This task force builds from the foundation set by the Website Strategy and User Experience Task Force and is focused on two primary areas: visual design and web copy. Members of this task force will be instrumental for:

  • Leading discussions and recommendations for the overall look and feel of LMA’s online presence, in context of LMA’s current Visual Identity Standards and the best-in-class design research conducted by the Website Strategy and User Experience Task Force
  • Critically reviewing designs for public website, including key landing pages, as well as designs for all supporting technology platforms and the 2021 international event microsites (i.e., annual conference and P3)
  • Finalizing LMA’s updated search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, based on SEO research completed by LMA staff
  • Reviewing and approving copy for the top 80 pages of the LMA website (i.e., all pages that are up to approximately three clicks deep), written by LMA staff

The LMA Board of Directors will review the recommended designs and key content pages at the July Board meeting. The approved designs and copy will be implemented and tested by the System Implementation Task Force – the third and final task force supporting LMA’s website redesign.

Board Liaison: Michelle R. Friends

Staff Liaisons: Kat Seiffert and Meredith Halperin

Number of Volunteer Slots Open: 8-10

Timeline of Service: March - August

Average Dedicated Time per Month: 5 hours

Valuable Skillsets: 1, 5, 16, 19, 20

System implementation TASK FORCE

This task force will work with staff and regional administrators throughout the new AMS system implementation. They will be focused mostly on user testing from various perspectives and providing feedback on the setup and ease of use. This task force will work approximately six months and need to commit around 4 hours per month.

Board Liaison: Michelle R. Friends

Staff Liaison: Meredith Halperin

Number of Volunteer Slots Open: 8-10

Timeline of Service: June 2020 - January 2021

Average Dedicated Time per Month: 4 hours

Valuable Skillsets: 10, 12, 17, 18, 19


Focused on LMA’s future and the legal industry developments and disruptors impacting our profession, the Task Force will make recommendations to position LMA for future success. The Task Force will explore what LMA should be and look like in 10 years, and beyond – identifying ways to remain nimble to accommodate the continuing evolution of the legal marketing function, as well as how LMA can stay at the forefront of delivering sustained value to members.

Board Liaison: Amanda N. Loesch

Staff Liaison: Danielle Holland

Number of Volunteer Slots Open: 8-10

Timeline of Service: 1 year

Average Dedicated Time per Month: 2-3 hours

Valuable Skillsets: 1, 6, 7, 12, 19, 20

Revenue Diversification TASK FORCE

Reviews existing organizational revenue streams and identifies new opportunities to drive financial growth, including sponsorships, advertising and regional/local initiatives, among other income generating strategies and tactics.

Board Liaison: Dianne Rychlewski

Staff Liaison: Danielle Holland

Number of Volunteer Slots Open: 8-10

Timeline of Service: 1 year

Average Dedicated Time per Month: 2-3 hours

Valuable Skillsets: 2, 7, 10, 16, 19

Law School Education working group of the advocacy advisory council

The Law School Education Working Group will support the Advocacy Advisory Council in achieving their strategic goal of expanding law school outreach and advocating for long term programming within law school curricula. This group will focus on furthering the overall brand of LMA as the go-to resource for legal marketing education in law schools, working with the Education Advisory Council to ensure alignment with LMA’s Body of Knowledge and establishing a consistent message in all LMA educational programming.

Co-Chairs: John M. Byrne and Laura Vaughn Hudson

Staff Liaison: Ashley Stenger

Number of Volunteer Slots Open: 5-7

Timeline of Service: 1 year

Average Dedicated Time per Month: 2-3 hours

Valuable Skillsets: 1, 2, 5, 7, 11, 15