Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We all have a part in the process of creating a better future, and LMA commits to calling out injustice when we see it and supporting those who seek to rally against injustice.

We are deeply saddened for the current state of the United States and are moved to action to stand for humanity and anti-racism — and raise our global, collective voice for change…”

Please view the full message to LMA’s community from 2020 LMA President Jill Huse and LMA’s D&I Committee Co-chairs, Gia Altreche and Jessica Aries, with support by Christine Harris, Board Liaison to the D&I Committee.

LMA is firmly committed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within our membership and within the legal marketing profession as a whole, as well as enabling members to do the same within their firms. Until and unless we increase DEI within our departments we cannot influence and increase DEI in our profession and the industry. We must acknowledge these dependencies and set a gold standard example.

DEI in our industry today is led and influenced mostly by law firm clients and prospects, and as a result we often make changes only in reaction to their prompts. LMA is committed to partnering with organizations such as the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) to call for change within our industry and profession.

Through our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee and the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Shared Interest Group (SIG), LMA is equipping members with tools, training and programming; and, partnering with other organizations to foster change within LMA, at our members' law firms and within the broader professional legal community.

The DEI Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the LMA Board of Directors, regional governing boards, staff and other LMA leadership bodies about actions that will improve diversity and inclusion of the LMA membership and its programs and services. The DEI Committee will also track progress against this goal and spotlight and celebrate successes within the organization. The committee also supports initiatives that help position LMA within the industry as an advocate for change in this important area.

How You Can Get Involved

Diversity and Inclusion SIGLMA members are encouraged to join the LMA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion SIG.

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion SIG is a forum for those interested in building diverse and inclusive marketing and business development teams and empowering and equipping other LMA members to do so.

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