“We all have a part in the process of creating a better future, and LMA commits to calling out injustice when we see it and supporting those who seek to rally against injustice.

We are deeply saddened for the current state of the United States and are moved to action to stand for humanity and anti-racism — and raise our global, collective voice for change…”

Please view the full message to LMA’s community from LMA President Jill Huse and LMA’s D&I Committee Co-chairs, Gia Altreche and Jessica Aries, with support by Christine Harris, Board Liaison to the D&I Committee.


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The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion SIG is a forum for those interested in building diverse and inclusive marketing and business development teams and empowering and equipping other LMA members to do so.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion SIG Leaders:

  • Terra Davis, Business Development Manager, Winston & Strawn LLP
  • Matt Plavnick, Director of Client Development, Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell LLP

To contact the SIG leaders, email DiversityInclusion@legalmarketing.org.

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  • If an individual submits a post * (within the SIG) that is in violation of LMA’s SIG etiquette rules, the SIG co-chairs will provide up to one warning (per individual). The SIG Liaison will be cc’ed on this warning.
    • Note*: the post would be in regards to being blatantly self-promotional/self-serving.
  • If after receiving a warning, an individual submits another post that is in violation of our etiquette rules, the SIG co-chairs will send a note (cc’ing the SIG Liaison) about removing this individual from the SIG for a three-month period.
    • The “offender” will need to reach out to the SIG Liaison to ask to be added back into the SIG after the three-month period.
  • After the three-month period, the individual will be re-instated (by the SIG Liaison) into the SIG. Should they post something again, not following the etiquette rules, they will not receive a warning this time and be removed for a six-month period.
  • Should they continue to be a repeat offender, they will be removed from the SIG permanently.

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We currently have 28 files in our file library. Our latest files added:

  • Exploring Mental Wellness in the Legal Marketing Industry
  • Diversity and Inclusion Starts With Awareness and Succeeds Through Action
  • Goldman’s Chief Recruiter Gets Recruited to Silicon Valley

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