Boston Local Group

Boston Shared Interest Groups (SIGs)

Communities of LMA members with common interests that join together to network, educate and share best practices. You must be an LMA member in order to sign up for a SIG.

Take advantage of this peer-to-peer interaction opportunity by subscribing to one of Boston’s SIGs:

LMA Next (Future Leaders) Join Now The LMA Next SIG is for Marketing Coordinators or Assistants with less than 5 years of professional experience. The SIG will regularly host Roundtable meetings and networking events.
Small Firm Join Now The Small Firm SIG was formed to assist small law firms (defined by less than 100 lawyers or fewer than five marketing professionals) by providing important and timely information on an array of legal marketing issues so that small firms can maximize the time and resources they have and increase their business development efforts.
Digital Marketing & Media
Join Now The Digital Marketing & Media SIG is for those who have an interest or primary role in using technology-based communications to enhance marketing and business development efforts. We facilitate insightful discussions and host educational forums on key issues that are top-of-mind within our profession. By sharing best practices, exchanging ideas and providing access to professional development, we help our members drive solutions within their own organizations.