Professional Advocacy

Professional Advocacy

Advocacy positions LMA at the forefront of the industry and LMA members at the forefront of their firms. 

Join forces with LMA to advocate for the legal marketing profession and collaborate with others driving change industrywide.

Through its advocacy initiative, LMA is dedicated to elevating the profession of legal marketing within the industry. Our efforts help firm management understand and appreciate the impact legal marketers can have on the business of law.

The LMA Professional Advocacy Working Group, under the auspices of the Advocacy Advisory Council, generates data, resources and media coverage to demonstrate the impact legal marketers are having on their firms’ strategic success.

LMA Advocacy is also about joining forces to drive industry change on important issues like diversity and inclusion and ethics and legal marketing. This initiative enables legal marketers to lead conversations about the Next Big Thing within their firms to help solidify our voice at the table of law firm leadership.