Event Agenda

8:00am : Registration & Breakfast : Willow Foyer

8:00am - 6:30pm : Exhibitor Area: Willow Foyer

8:30am : Welcome & General Session : Willow Ballroom

8:45am-9:45am Opening Keynote Speaker

LMAEC---Keynote-Speaker (1).png

James Kane In this fascinating and highly entertaining presentation, James Kane takes his audiences on a journey into the human brain and explains the science behind true loyalty and human relationships. Building on more than 40 years of research on the subject, James will make the case that human beings have a fundamental need to be loyal and actively seek out the specific clues from others that tell them when they can and should be. When an organization, as well as an individual, is able to understand and demonstrate those loyalty-building behaviors, they can develop relationships that will last a lifetime and result in unwavering and unlimited support.

A New Way to Teach Lawyers Marketing Allan H. Colman, The Closers Group

This Pechakucha is based on the world's first Law Firm Marketing Coloring Book, THE NEW COLORS OF LAW FIRM MARKETING. It combines humorous quotes from lawyers and marketing professionals about law firm marketing and business development. These have been converted to cartoons to illustrate the points and are combined with the latest observations and tactics to grow business now. Taking only 6 minutes and 40 seconds, the 20 cartoons and the instructive value provide a powerful way to boost new business from firm attorneys.

10:00am - 10:15am Morning Break - Willow Foyer Exhibitor Area: Willow Foyer

10:15am - 11:30am - Willow Ballroom
Recalibrating from Non-Lawyer to Revenue Enabler: Elevate Yourself to Elevate Your Firm
Jennifer Scazli, Calibrate Legal

In this session, Jennifer Scalzi will discuss how to elevate your function as a marketing/BD expert from being perceived as “overhead” to an essential component of a sustainable law firm. She'll address how to utilize and edit your existing resources to advance the dialogue between law firm leadership and your team of Revenue Enablers™, who are critical to advancing their growth strategies. Specific topics to be covered: Demonstrating intrapreneurship Aiming for progress v. security Curating wider perspectives and challenging the status quo Becoming a “seer” and facilitating possibility Proactively reporting on performance Jennifer will also provide a goal-setting exercise to complete during the session and will offer her time in the weeks following the program in 30-minute increments to work on your personal plan to become a Revenue Enabler™ in 2017. It’s time to recalibrate to put yourself and your firm at the forefront of the next era of the legal industry.

11:30 - 12:30pm: Willow Ballroom
How Procurement Impacts Law Firm Selection
Nancey Watson, NL Watson Consulting Inc.
With panelists:
Richard Brzakala, Director, External Legal Services, CIBC
Nicholas Cerminaro, Director, Legal Services,
Bombardier Agnes von dem Hagen,
Vice President, Infrastructure Ontario
Lisa Conway, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, InnVest

Responding to RFPs is a well-established means of awarding new work in the legal professions but making the most of the opportunities continues to be a challenge. The panel discussion How Procurement Impacts Law Firm Selection will provide valuable insight into the mind-set of legal procurement professionals – a growing profession within corporate legal departments. This rigorous panel discussion will give Business Development, Proposal Managers, and all those involved in the proposal process an exceptional opportunity to learn from leading legal procurement professionals about their expectations of law firms. It will give you an opportunity to examine best practices across industries and give you a leg-up when responding to procurement-led RFPs. The panel will enable attendees to enhance their proposal skills and identify ways to improve their firm’s win rate.

Topics to be covered include:

1. Trends and expectations in RFPs and AFAs - what the competition is doing
2. Criteria for preferred legal panel RFPs
3. How to prepare strategically for reverse auctions
4. How procurement uses technology to measure law firm performance
5. How to avoid raising red flags when responding to RFPs

Lunch: 12:30 - 1:15pm : Willow Foyer

Exhibitor Area: Willow Foyer

1:15- 2:00pm - Willow Ballroom
5 Technological Trends that will Change Legal Marketing in 2018

Adrian Dayton, Clearview Social

Every day a new company comes up with a new innovation that may put someone out of business tomorrow. Law firms and especially legal marketing departments are no exception. As you look to 2018 and the coming storm of innovation, join us as Adrian Dayton, Founder of software company ClearView Social breaks down the five major technological changes that can transform your marketing process. Some of the issues that will be discussed include: - A.I. and the emergence of big data. What is here, what is coming, and you can prepare your firm. - Combining analytics and gamification to generate rapid behavioral change and connect the dots for your lawyers. - Competitive intelligence and the impact of strategic content development in crafting message that stands out. - Collaboration tools that help you do twice the work in half the time. - Marketing automation and simple steps that can get your firm started down this path.

Adrian Dayton is an internationally recognized speaker on social media, innovation and using technology for business development. He has been a paid contributor to Law.com, National Law Journal as well as Above the Law and authored more than 100 articles on these topics. Three years ago he founded ClearView Social, a saas software platform that makes it easy to get lawyers sharing to social media through email in just one click. It is currently in use by over 100 firms and over a quarter of the top 100 firms in the United States.

Breakout Sessions A: Willow West Room

Breakout Sessions B: Willow East Room

2:00pm-2:45pm Breakout A: Willow West
Exceptional Client Service Shouldn’t be the Exception
Morgan MacLeod, Cubicle Fugitive

As Walt Disney said “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends”. In today’s exceptionally competitive legal environment where over 70% of a client’s brand perception is determined by their experiences with your lawyers and staff, it is key that everyone understand their role in providing exceptional service to clients. Drawing from over a decade of experience as a Brand Strategist and Client Service Provider, Morgan MacLeod will walk the group through the 10 essentials of how to provide exceptional service to both your internal and external clients with the goal of not only maintaining business but also nurturing more for the firm. In this engaging, informative and interactive session, she will provide simple tools, tips, and some “not-so-common-sense” advice for Legal Professionals to take back to their firms to implement a new client service strategy.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand what internal and external clients need
• Learn the 10 essential steps for delivering what a client wants
• Discover tips and tools on how to build relationships and provide exceptional on-going service—all when you’re already overwhelmed with your basic work deliverables
• Finally, learn tools on how to best handle difficult people and sticky situations while gaining their respect and handling people in a professional manner

2:00pm -2:45pm : Breakout B - Willow East
Have we finally reached the tipping point for success for legal CRM?
Michael Warren, Stanton Allen LLC
With panelists:
Celine Gilmore, Director, Client Development & Operations, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg
Adam Draper, Consultant, Introhive,

We are seemingly at the tipping point of a revolution in Client Relationship Management in the legal sector. Decades of under-investment, ambivalence and even hostility from professionals has meant most firms have failed to achieve any sort of return on investment. The irony is that most firms have a CRM system but they have failed to connect their client management programmes to their technology. Rather than seeing the systems as the most important thing that they do, professionals see it as the least important thing that they do, a purely administrative task. Why? Simple. The output is not valuable. The effort that CRM and BD teams have to invest in collating information for client reports because of the silos of information that exist in their firms means that by the time they have provided the reports, the lawyer has forgotten what the original question was. For CRM to truly succeed, data has to be at the central to the strategy. Firms need to get to grips with how information flows across their firms, the business processes that consume that information and where there are gaps.

The purpose of this session is present practical ideas and work through challenges in order to understand how to harness the power of big data and implement an effective information management strategy.

2:45pm - 3:00pm - Break - Willow Foyer

Exhibitor Area: Willow Foyer

3:00pm-3:45pm - Breakout B- Willow East
It’s Time to Rethink Law Firm Social Media
Melanie Trudeau, Jaffe
With panelists:
Farzana Crocco, Director, Marketing & Enrollment Management, Osgoode Hall Law School
Hugh Mansfield, CEO, Mansfield Inc
David Perry, Manager, Content Marketing and Social Media, Fasken Martineau

While studies show that most lawyers and law firms have a solid presence on social media, many are simply going through the motions without any real strategy or creative thought. Whether your law firm has a presence solely on LinkedIn or broadcasts across multiple networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, learning how to make the best use of your time can greatly increase the effectiveness of your social media efforts. And while some best practices might have held true even a year or so ago, the world of technology, social media communications and content marketing evolves at such a rapid pace that legal marketers have to be incredibly agile and regularly informed to maintain a successful program. In addition, not all strategies work for all firms, so oftentimes customized programs – rather than general principles – can go a long way in fortifying your social media plan of action.

This session will focus on up-to-date tactics and examples for lawyers and law firms looking to improve their social media programs.

Learn answers to these common questions:
What are some of the key changes that have taken place in social media in the past 12 months?
How can I develop a social media program that supports my firm’s other marketing initiatives?
Which social media sites should I be spending time on and which ones should I dump?
What can law firms learn from other industries when building a social media marketing program?

3:00pm -3:45pm: Breakout A - Willow West
A New Way to Teach Lawyers Marketing
Allan H. Colman, The Closers Group

LAUGH AND LEARN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP – a new and highly effective way to teach lawyers marketing and business development. This interactive workshop will use cartoons from the New Colors of Law Firm Marketing in an exchange of ideas on helping your firms’ lawyers: Open more doors Grow more new clients Grow more revenue Close more new engagements.

AND the winner of our creative cartoon contest will receive a special prize drawn during the YHA Gala Dinner following the conference.

3:45pm-4:30pm: Breakout B - Willow East
World Class Business Development - - How Micro-Adjustments Matter 
Michael Moriarity, WinningNewBusiness.ca

In today’s procurement economy, the ground continues to shift under your BD team’s feet. The sales tactics that worked in the past, no longer cut it. But changing how you show up in front of potential clients doesn’t have to be a herculean task. By focusing on micro-adjustments to your existing selling tactics, can make the difference between winning or losing new business. This session will shed light on what world-class professional services sales techniques look like and walk you through how to develop a customized sales framework for your firm. If you have any client facing responsibilities, or just want to improve how you sell your ideas and programs internally, this session is for you.

Topics to be covered:

- The most critical selling skills and behaviors needed to drive results
- Consultative selling using professionally provocative insights
- The importance of challenging client assumptions
- The four essential factors for gaining client trust

Feature Panel 4:30pm - 5:30pm: Willow Ballroom

CLOC special ops - the new cool kid on the block
Moderator: JENNIFER BROWN, Managing Editor, Canadian Lawyer

Panelists include:
Jean-Francois L. Denis, SNC-Lavalin, Director of Operations/ Legal Affairs
Richard Stewart, BMO Financial – COO of legal department
Scott Morgan, Air Canada

The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium is the new cool kid on the block. What started in Silicon Valley is coming north. Legal ops is best understood as the “intersection of people, process and technology.” But it’s really the dynamic group of people behind legal ops who are blazing a new trail in the legal department ecosystem these days. Professionals who are often NOT lawyers may soon become the decision makers you have to deal with, if you aren’t already.

This panel will bring together a collection of speakers with a variety of backgrounds to talk about their views on finding efficiencies and doing business differently.

Closing Remarks: Willow Ballroom

5:30pm-6:30pm: Willow Foyer Cocktail Reception

6:30pm - 9:30pm: Birchwood Ballroom Your Honour Awards Gala Dinner