January 2019

Dear Fellow Legal Marketers,

As LMAEC President for 2019, it is my pleasure to thank our outgoing board members and to introduce the 2019 Board.

It is indeed a year of renewal for LMAEC with several long-serving LMA board (and previous to that, Toronto Chapter leaders) passing the torch to the new leadership team.

On behalf of the LMA community, my sincerest thanks and gratitude to Gary Kalaci (Alexa Translations), Sean Lind (Baker McKenzie), Pam Foster (Howie Sacks and Foster), and Kaleigh Zimmerman (Ledgley Law), for their dedication and important contributions to LMA.

I would also like to welcome and introduce the 2019 Board. I am looking forward to working with this team in 2019 and thank them for the commitment they are making.

  1. Terry Moore, President (Cox & Palmer)
  2. Daniel Lepine, President Elect (Alexa Translations)
  3. Dianne Rychlewski, Past President (BAX Securities Law)
  4. Alison Janzen, Secretary and LMAExec (Torkin Manes)
  5. Jenn Merlin, Treasurer (ContactEase)
  6. Carmelo Millimaci, Director, Programming Co-Chair (Attune Coaching)
  7. Chandler Lauzon, Director, Programming and Conference Co-Chair (Bennett Jones)
  8. Lindsey Bombardier, Director, LMANext (Lenczner Slaght)
  9. Bianca Barbucci, Director, Conference Co-Chair (Stikeman Elliott)
  10. Roger Rosemin, Director, Sponsorship (Thornton Grout Finnigan)
  11. Nadine Singh, Director, Communications (Lerners)

We’ve developed a plan for 2019 that will support Local Steering Committees (LSCs) in Toronto, Montreal and Halifax and help them deliver regularly scheduled relevant content and networking opportunities throughout the year. Watch your inbox for updates from your Local Steering Committee and check our online calendar in the coming weeks for updates. Please follow us on…

Twitter - @LMAecanada



Remember to use our hashtag @LMAecanada.

Our number one job this year is to maximize the value of your LMA membership and provide ongoing opportunities for you to engage in the LMA community for both personal and professional growth and development.

I invite LMA members who are interested in getting more involved in LMA to let me know. Our LSCs are always in need of volunteers to fill critical roles that help them deliver programs throughout the year. I want to hear from you - tmoore@coxandpalmer.com.

All the best you in 2019.



Terry Moore

2019 LMA Eastern Canada President