Building Trust and Rapport in a Virtual Medium

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In this live virtual program, we take the core concepts from Cara Hale Alter’s book, The Credibility Code, and adapt them for virtual meetings. We will provide nutrient-rich information on cultivating “Visible Credibility” – the ability to project confidence and competence so that your value is on full display. Additionally, we will offer tips for looking your best on video, building rapport through nonverbal cues, and establishing expertise by seamlessly navigating the virtual medium. Our topics will include:

  • Webcam rules for posture, voice, and eye contact
  • Simple framing and lighting techniques to boost your image
  • Tips for choosing the right medium (video, telephone, email) for the situation
  • Why we get “Zoom fatigue” and how to counteract it
  • The distinction between cognitive and affective trust, and why both are vital!

Speaker: Megan Timpane, Principal Trainer, SpeechSkills

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Thursday, June 17th, 2021

Virtual Program — 4:30pm - 5:30pm PST

A Zoom link will be emailed upon completing registration. Please enable your camera for interactive participation.


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