Conference Update as of February 17, 2021

Connections are coming your way... in person!

We all could use something positive to look forward to, and there is little that I am personally more hopeful for than the prospect of getting back together — in person — with the LMA community this fall.

On behalf of this year's amazing Annual Conference Advisory Committee, it is my honor and privilege to share that we are planning to convene the 2021 LMA Annual Conference at the sun-drenched Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida from Friday, October 22 to Sunday, October 24.

3 Things to Know (So Far) About #LMA21

1)  A Safe Environment to Rise, Refocus and Reconnect

As we plan the event, we’re keeping these words in mind — rise, refocus and reconnect. These themes will help us to provide a warm, welcoming and collaborative environment with the educational content that will help you develop strategic planning, overcome your current challenges, increase your professional opportunities and raise the bar for our industry.

Your safety and peace of mind are also core to how we are planning this year's event, and we are developing protocols and procedures based on the advice of health authorities and event best practices to provide a safe, invigorating experience.

2)  Planned With Your Work Demands in Mind

You might be thinking, "wait, over the weekend?" Yes! Law firms and supporting organizations have been very busy this past year, and we don't see that tapering off quickly. It has been a disruptive year, and we saw this as an opportunity to host the event in a beautiful, relaxing location at a time that does not compete too much with your day job.

3)  Early Registration Access Offered to Members

New this year, we are opening registration first only to members and at a discounted rate.

We are optimistic about the opportunity for the LMA community to come together, and members can now register for the conference — and book your hotel reservation — today. More information on the pre-conference programs and registration for those additional opportunities will be coming soon. 

Check out the full list of FAQs available here, and don't hesitate to reach out to the LMA team at or 1-312-673-6898 if you have any further questions.

There is much more to come — from sessions to speakers to a totally new flow of the event and more — and I am happy to be able to share this first piece of good news with you today!

Warm Regards,


Kelly M. MacKinnon
2021 LMA Board President
Board Liaison to the 2021 Annual Conference Advisory Committee