A Guide for Virtual Conference Speakers

Successful Virtual Presentations

We are pleased to share the below video on “Successful Virtual Communications” along with the below checklist from Poston Communications, one of our valued LMA20 sponsors and the Daily Conference News editor and publisher for the last four years.


Poston’s Video division generously customized these training materials and resources for conference speakers in preparation for a virtual session and have included must-know best practices, tips and step-by-step instructions for achieving the ideal lighting, camera angles and more.

We hope these valuable resources will help you produce an effective presentation and provide attendees with the positive educational experience they expect at our annual conference.

The Virtual Platform
  • We will be using Hopin as the virtual conference platform – you can view an introduction and orientation video above.
  • Please check your system compatibility at your earliest convenience and try a test session via this link: Check your systems compatibility here.
  • An event coordinator will schedule a time for you to have a technical briefing on the conference platform approximately a week before the program. Please look out for an email regarding a dry run.
  • To access the platform, you’ll receive an email message from “C5 Group – ACI, CI and C5 no-reply@hopin.to” with a link for your specific session. This URL is specific to you and the session in which you’ll be participating. To join the program online, click (or copy and paste) the URL and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You will receive your Hopin link a week prior to the event, please open it at the time of receiving to accept your registration and create your speaker profile.

Preparing your Materials
  • Please use this conference branded PowerPoint template if you are planning to use slides as part of your session.
  • The deadline for you to you submit your PowerPoint presentation is Friday, October 9. Please email your finalized PowerPoint presentation to materials@LMAconference.com
  • If after you have submitted your PowerPoint you have further edits to your presentation, make sure you submit these to your Event Coordinator no less than 3 business days before your session, otherwise we will not be able to guarantee the update.
  • We encourage you to consider including interactive elements in your presentation to keep the online audience engaged. We will help to manage any of the interactive elements you do add, so you won’t have to handle all of the presentation elements on your own:
    • Polls: We can do formal yes/no or multiple-choice type polls. If you plan to include any attendee polls in your presentation, then please let us know as soon as possible so we can discuss with you how best to integrate them into your presentation.The deadline for you to you submit your polls is Friday, October 9. Please include your poll as a slide in your final PowerPoint presentation and email to materials@LMAconference.com. If after you have submitted your polls you have further edits, submit these to your Event Coordinator no less than 3 business days before your session, otherwise we will not be able to guarantee the update.
    • Breakout Chats: Whenever possible, we encourage you to ask attendees to share their experiences/ideas or ask questions in the Chat window. If the size of the audience and number of responses allows, you can then verbally acknowledge or summarize the responses for the audience. It’s easy for attendees because most are already familiar with using a chat window.
    • Video: If you wish to use a video or audio clip within your presentation, let us know so we can ensure the video and audio works during the technical briefing.

Day of Your Session
  • It’s important that you join the virtual conference at your designated start time, given to you by your Event Coordinator, so we can verify your connection, audio and camera quality.
  • As a speaker, you will join the virtual conference in a private, pre-broadcast “green room”, which isolates your audio and video from the attendees. Conversation in this practice session mode is NOT heard by attendees, so staff and speakers can speak with each other to resolve any audio problems and address any last-minute questions.
  • While we’re sure you are all video call/presentation experts by now – here’s a top ten list of best practices to be aware of:
    • Use headphones, this eliminates echoes and background noise.
    • Put your camera at eye level (put books under your computer if needed).
    • Silence any distracting notifications on your computer and phone.
    • Have a glass of water nearby.
    • Try not to move your device or rustle any papers while you are speaking.
    • Though it may not feel natural, stare into the camera as much as you can.
    • If you are presenting with multiple speakers, remember to mute your microphone when you’re not speaking to avoid noise disruption.
    • Choose a room with natural light in front of you, never behind. Ambient light is always best! Cream/grey/blue/neutral toned walls are also better than white, for contrast.
    • Make sure the room you choose has an excellent Wi-Fi signal. Also, if you live with anyone else, ask them to avoid using the Wi-Fi while you are presenting.
    • Check out general Hopin troubleshooting tips here
  • Allow time for audience Q&A. Attendees will submit their questions through the chat box and the program co-chairs will read them to you for a response during the Q&A portion.
  • The presentations will begin two (2) minutes late and end two (2) minutes early to allow movement from area to area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the virtual conference?
You are automatically registered for the Virtual Conference as a speaker and should receive an email a week before the event, from Hopin (no-reply@hopin.to) shortly after receiving your “Welcome Package” from an Event Coordinator.

How do I join the virtual conference on the day?
Your unique link should have been emailed to you from no-reply@hopin.to . A calendar invite for your session timeslot has also been sent to you containing your unique link.

Will I receive training on the virtual conference platform?
An Event Coordinator will schedule a date and time for your technical briefing following your receipt of your Welcome Package. They will also be in touch two weeks out from the event with a reminder of your scheduled practice run using the Hopin platform.

Outside of my scheduled session how do I participate in the rest of the conference?
You can use the same unique link you were given for your scheduled session to participate in the rest of the conference. You can enter other presentations and sessions during the conference and will be able to listen as they become live

What if I am participating in the pre-conference programs?
If you are participating in a pre-conference program, you will receive a unique link for that (separate from your conference day link) prior to the event.

What should I wear?
Business casual clothing.

Will I be on camera?
We encourage speakers to be on camera, so the audience is able to see who is talking to them allowing for further engagement during the presentation.

Contact Information

If you have any additional questions or queries, contact us at 1-877-562-7172 or LMA2020@LMAconference.com