Shea Lynn Smock, JD, Ph.D
Practice Innovations Analyst
Chapman and Cutler LLP

Shea Smock is a proud member of Chapman and Cutler LLP's Practice Innovations Team. She is responsible for legal technology and process improvement projects including collaboration, workflow, and artificial intelligence systems at Chapman.

Shea was an early participant in the Tech Lawyer Accelerator Program (now, the Institute for the Future of Law Practice) as a 1L at Indiana University's Maurer School of Law. After the TLA's legal technology and project management bootcamp in Boulder, CO, Shea began her first internship with Chapman and Cutler. Upon law school graduation, Shea transitioned from part-time to full-time innovator as a practice innovations analyst.

Prior to law school, Shea studied media coverage of Supreme Court decisions and taught as an adjunct professor while earning a Master's and Ph.D. in Communication at Florida State University. Prior to graduate school, Shea worked in sports broadcasting in Indianapolis.

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