Barry Solomon
Executive Vice President
Foundation Software Group

Barry has spent his career moving seamlessly between the practice and business of law, and working with vendor solutions designed to improve how law firms operate. As an associate at Sidley Austin LLP, Barry had the insight that law firms needed a legal-focused CRM to manage their client relationships and communications. Co-founding Interface Software, the maker of InterAction, Barry played an early significant role in the development of both legal CRM software and the best practices for effectively implementing CRM solutions for the greatest ROI.

 Barry continues to influence the evolution of CRM strategy as it expands to include the full picture of a client’s relationship with a firm. As CMO at Sidley, Barry partnered with Foundation Software Group to develop the first enterprise experience management solution. He provided strategic input and oversaw the roll out of the software to the marketing and business development team and firm as a whole, before leaving to become Executive Vice President at Foundation.

 Wearing the alternating hats of lawyer, entrepreneur, general counsel, law firm CMO, and software executive, has given Barry a deep and unique perspective on how technology can help firms differentiate themselves through a combination of people, process, and software. His expertise in leveraging firm data for competitive advantage includes client relationship management (CRM), experience management, knowledge management, and BI analytics.

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