Every month, the local groups in the LMA West Region produce educational programs that touch on important topics related to legal marketing. This year, we are excited to offer LMA members the opportunity to watch livestreams and video replays of these programs for free, brought to you by RubyLaw.


8th Annual LMA Silicon Valley In-House Counsel Summit

Culture Shift: Delivering High-Value Legal Services and Client Engagement in our New Reality

Presented by the LMA Silicon Valley Group on September 17th, 2020

We are all in uncharted territory with two major culture changes happening simultaneously: the COVID-19 global pandemic and the resulting economic impact, as well as a focus on improving diversity and inclusion within the legal community.  Regardless of industry, company size, geography or practice area, law firms and in-house counsel alike are impacted by this new reality and are re-calibrating their business models.  Shifting cultural changes also drive law firm marketing, business development, communications and technology professionals to reimagine their strategies.  As law firms pivot their focus, innovative client service in a virtual world becomes crucial to successfully retain and continue growth.  What does this look like to in-house counsel? 

Join the virtual discussion with leading in-house counsel from Bay Area companies as they share the effects of the global pandemic, collaborative diversity and inclusion efforts and how both impact their relationship with outside counsel.  Hear directly from decision-makers about their hiring criteria, how they define “value” and what makes for a successful long-term relationship with their outside counsel. 

Moderated by Michael Colacchio, Partner at Michael Colacchio Consulting Group, join this discussion with leading in-house counsel from Silicon Valley corporations as they discuss the changing relationship, demands and expectations of long-term successful partnerships. The panel includes: 

  • Derrick Boston, Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel, Virgin Orbit
  • Cynthia Kao, Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs, Viacom
  • José Lopez, Senior Director, Samsung NEXT
  • Minh Merchant, General Counsel, Genome Medical, Inc.

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A Discussion with Firm Leadership

What Managing Partners Need From Their Marketing and Client Services Departments

Presented by the LMA West Region on July 14th, 2020

2020 has affected the economy and the legal industry in ways that we have not seen in years.  COVID-19 changed our firm’s business models almost overnight causing lay-offs, furloughs, salary reductions, budget cuts, work from home, and closed courts.  Demands on marketing, business development, and client service teams have increased and changed to adapt to this new paradigm.  This panel of esteemed LMA West Region firm leadership will define how their needs and expectations of their marketing and client service teams have changed.

The discussion will focus in on the following:

  • Where firm leadership is focused now and into 2021
  • Redefining success for 2020
  • How marketing and client services teams can add value today and into the future


  • Gia Altreche,  Director, Business Development and Marketing, Newmeyer Dillion


  • Kieran Curley, Managing Partner, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn
  • Brian Donnelly, Chair, Farella Braun + Martel
  • Larry McFarland, Office Managing Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend

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2019 Next Big Thing — Service Metamorphosis

Using Service to Drive Performance Improvement with Clients

Presented by the Bay Area local group on September 12th, 2019

The culture and structure of law firms have historically made institutional changes in service difficult to achieve. However, a shift is taking place that focuses on service through critical conversations. Join this interactive workshop that focuses on the two foundational stages of Service Metamorphosis – stages 1 (egg) and 2 (caterpillar). Attendees will analyze and identify where their firms fit on the Service Metamorphosis Continuum and the things that they can and will commit to do when they return to their offices. In addition, attendees will learn how to initiate and have vital conversations around service with important stakeholders in their law firms. We will review two actual law firm case studies that will include best practices and a proven path to success.


  • Jill Weber, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer of Stinson LLC

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Account Based Marketing: How to Leverage Data and Technology to Identify, Engage and Grow Key Client Relationships

Presented by the Bay Area local group on March 14th, 2019

Business development and marketing professionals won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn how they can use Account Based Marketing (ABM) to identify and target the accounts they value most. Given the highly competitive and flat growth rate of the legal industry, firms are highly focused on developing strategies to retain and grow business, while minimizing costs.  With ABM, firms can use data and technology to determine where to focus their marketing dollars and maximize their ROI. By aligning the efforts of the marketing teams and establishing strategic client engagement, firms tapping ABM can effectively grow key client relationships. Two case studies will be presented.


  • Dan Stokes, co-founder and executive vice president of JStokes Agency.
  • Krista Hosseinzadeh, Director of Business Development, Knobbe Martens
  • Corinne Remeika, Account Supervisor, JStokes Agency

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Training the Trainer for Public Speaking Success

Presented by the Bay Area local group on February 14th, 2019

Attorneys must step up to present at bar association meetings, conferences, webinars and other events. What some busy lawyers miss isn't always obvious to them: each venue is ripe for business development, if approached with marketing finesse. Presentation coaching goes a long way in helping lawyers – even those litigators used to public speaking – give a successful, revenue-generating talk. Our panel of pros will give you a host of tools, tips and techniques for guiding your attorneys to speaking stardom. Whether a keynote or moderating gig, preparation, practice, polish and the “call to action” will all be addressed, as well as the nuances of “TED-style talks,” “audio only” and video conference presentations.


  • David Adams, founder of RevenueWise and developer of the AudienceFIRST presentation development program
  • Marianne Fleischer, head of Fleischer Communications, director of the “Cool Under Fire” workshops and a former broadcast journalist
  • Doris Pickering, CEO of Silicon Valley Speaks and a presentation and speech training specialist


  • Traci Stuart, President, Blattel Communications

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5 Trends to Know When Shaping Law Firm Strategy

Presented by the Southern California local group on January 15th, 2019

The legal industry is undergoing a significant transformation: shrinking demand for law firm services, ongoing pricing pressure and a buyer’s market, further consolidation and segmentation among law firms leading to increased competition for clients and talent, a wave of partner retirements, major advances in technology and other factors. Law firms need to adapt to the evolving economy of today and the future.

This program will look at the most critical trends and issues facing law firms today and will identify and discuss how the most successful law firms – regardless of size or practice – are adapting to the new economy.


  • Kristin Stark, Principal, Fairfax Associates

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Taking Back Your Time: Productivity Tips for the Overwhelmed Legal Marketer

Presented by the Bay Area local group on November 8th, 2018

In the day-to-day (to-day-to-day) of a busy legal marketer’s life, you are undoubtedly challenged with managing people, lawyers, expectations, and procedures. All while also trying to complete your own projects and priorities. Even the most organized legal marketer likely finds themselves jumping between their focused project and the disruptive emails, meetings, strategy sessions, and overall building relationships. Every notification is an interruption that is now controlling you instead of you controlling your schedule and priorities. It’s no wonder you put in extra hours in the office until you can’t put in another minute and, yet, your top priority project is still not finished. Would you believe there is a magical solution to completing your entire task list on a nearly daily basis?

One thing that is constantly being managed poorly every day is….your time. You likely come into the office, grab coffee, and open your email. This common habit is one that is immediately putting out fires that have interrupted you. The emails and other people’s urgencies have control over how you are managing your time and priorities. You are not losing or wasting time with the interruptions; you aren’t managing them properly. This program will help you identify personal techniques to craft your day around what works best for you when possible. Emails, visitors, and emergencies will continue to be interrupters; however, with some anticipation and planning, it is possible to gain control over your own priorities and projects as well as some control over the unexpected interruptions. Plan for the unknown and manage your time.


  • Lauren Mang, Professional Organizer, Let Me Organize It, LLC
  • Lisa Mark, Certified Professional Organizer, The Time Butler
  • Judy Dang, Principal, Avid at Work

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Teamwork Across Multiple Offices: Strategies for Adding Value on Distributed Teams

Presented by the Bay Area local group on August 9th, 2018

Most midsize to large law firms have more than one office location and many operate in offices spanning the globe. As a result, those on marketing and business development teams are often juggling multiple roles, working across geographies and time zones, balancing service between competing constituencies, and ultimately, feeling caught in the center of a tension between the headquarters and regional offices. Meeting and addressing the challenging (and at times, vexing) expectations makes it more important than ever to learn how to be effective on far-flung teams.

Whether you’re a lead marketer in the firm’s main office, a team-member in a satellite office, or a business-service provider who wants to improve connections with clients across several offices, join us on August 9th to hear from an expert panel about strategies for adding value across geographies.


  • Nicholas Latham, Legal Marketing Consultant, Rain BDM
  • Beverly McManus, Head of California Business Development, Covington & Burling LLP
  • Monica Rodriguez Kuniyoshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Gunderson Dettmer

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