LMA Annual Conference Mentoring Program

Make a new connection before you arrive at the conference — by becoming a mentor or mentee.

The LMA Annual Conference Mentoring Program connects first-timers with individuals who have attended previous LMA conferences. Mentors provide guidance on navigating the conference and a friendly face to help first-timers get connected at the event and make the most of their time at the conference. As part of our efforts to foster diversity and inclusion within our membership and to help attendees establish and grow authentic relationships with their fellow LMA members, we have expanded the program to include the option to be paired with a diverse mentor or mentee.

The learning and relationship building starts long before arriving at the conference, via phone and email, as mentors and mentees connect to plan for the big event. And, we have seen relationships continue well beyond the end of the conference — spanning the length of our members’ careers — as a result of their participation and the connection they made through the mentoring program.

When registering for the conference, be sure to indicate your interest in participating in this rewarding program as either a mentor or mentee.

Engaging with the LMA community has tremendous professional and personal benefits, and this effort aims to grow that network one person at a time.

Please email Kristy Perkins at K.Perkins@LMAconference.com for questions or to register to be a mentor or mentee.