In-transition Member

LMA wants members to thrive, especially during challenging job and economic environments. In-transition membership is available to current members at their renewal time who are unemployed and seeking new positions. Not applicable to new members; region/local group dues come at regular costs.

The fee for a in-transition membership is $100 plus the cost of your local region/local group dues for six months, with the possibility of extending to a total of 12 months at no additional charge.

Benefits include:

  • $500 savings vs. nonmember registration for the LMA annual conference.
  • $100 savings vs. nonmember webinar registration.
  • $100 savings vs. nonmember LMA Job Bank postings.
  • Complimentary members-only access to the LMA Knowledge Center and LMA Library where you can access all white papers, market research and surveys published by LMA.
  • Access to the members-only online portal to LMA's Member Directory and LMA Connect.
  • LMA Weekly, a weekly e-newsletter of practical tips and timely information. 
  • A one-year subscription to Strategies — The Journal of Legal Marketing.

Apply for In-transition Membership

Please contact with your request to apply for an in-transition membership.