How Legal Marketers Can Help Win Over Social-Media Skeptics

Track: Marketing Management and Leadership

Session Number: 1128
Date: Fri, Oct 27th, 2017
Time: 4:15 PM - 4:30 PM


On a daily basis, I hear success stories of legal professionals who have brought in substantial business through their social media presence. Despite these results, legal marketers are having a hard time persuading the attorneys in their firms to use social media.  
Where is the disconnect?  
Through my time working with hundreds of law firms, I've identified six types of professionals. Today, I'll talk through each "type" of professional and offer a few solutions that will make a difference.  
  • The professional who is just completely oblivious to the social media world around them 
  • Other professionals are just so buried in their work, that they never consider marketing  
  • Solution: Start with where they are and move up in baby steps. Do they understand fundamentals of the internet like how Google works, how search drives help people find information?  If not, start with building basic internet knowledge first; get them comfortable with the digital world; eventually, they'll be ready for business development using social media. 
  • The denier is the well-established professionals who know social media is out there, but they deny that it will have any influence on their professional career.  
  • Many deniers think social media is only for social/personal useIn fact, they may even keep in touch with friends and family on social media.  
  • They do not see how social media can be used to strengthen their professional, work world. Not yet anyway.  
  • Solution: Use their own ego to make your case. Show how their professional life can and does mix seamlessly with their personal life.  
  • Skeptics are perhaps the most likely professional to leverage.  
  • Skeptics have learned about social media, they've heard about the benefits and they want to believe, but they're still not quite sold.  
  • Solution: Often what skeptics need to cross over into believer status are knowledge and expert insight. Show the skeptic which of their peers--or better yet, their fiercest competitor--are actively using social media for professional gain.  
  • These people are willing to have an online presence because they know there is something there, but they don't do anything to build on it and to leverage it to bring in more business. 
  • Solution: For reluctant participants, start with their online profiles. Look at their LinkedIn bio, in particular, and make sure it is strategically aligned with their professional goals. Work with them to simplify and clarify their message so that people finding them online will know specifically what they and what type of work to refer to them.  
  • For these individuals, the light bulb has just come on. They get it.  
  • They are enthusiastic about the potential of social media. 
  • Solutions: Social media converts need to see results from their efforts. Show them data, provide feedback and give them continual encouragement. Make sure they have all the ammunition they need to continue to grow in their social media use. 
  • Power users write articles and/or blogs constantly, actively share great articles and content to their LinkedIn page and other social networks and have seen new clients, new strategic relationships and other positive results of social media. 
  • Solution: Your firm will benefit by having a handful of these types--work to cultivate a few social media power users. Give your power users all the tools they need to be successful. Your social media power users can be your greatest asset in helping to convert reluctant professionals and the social media converts further up the ladder. Make sure the wins of these power users are broadcast far and wide to your organization. 
Sub-Categorization: Marketing Planning
Session Type: TED Style Talk

Sub-Categorization: Marketing Planning
Session Type: TED Style Talk