Future Casting the Role of Marketing Leader: A Design Thinking Exercise

Track: LMA West Lead Marketer's Summit

Session Number: 2152
Date: Wed, Sep 13th, 2017
Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Five years ago, a committed group of leaders embarked on a journey called Law 2023 to reimagine the legal profession. While many innovation journeys begin with an examination of the current, this journey started by looking ahead—to what the world might look like in 2023 and forecasting what this world would need from its lawyers. Out of this initiative, the Great Law movement was born. Great Law envisions a world where law firms move from measuring bottom-line metrics of profits per partner to Triple Bottom Line Metrics of profit, people and purpose with the goal of creating firms with:

  • More predictable and sustainable revenue by attracting profitable clients we actually like and want to do business with
  • The ability to attract and retain the best talent pool made of people who we like and make us excited to come to work everyday
  • Lawyers who feel fulfilled in their jobs and are able to come at the work they do from a place of possibilities and potential rather than pain and pressure.

In a first-of-it-kind program for the Legal Marketing Association, LMA West has invited our friends at GrowthPlay – the founder of the Great Law Movement – to facilitate a Lead Marketer's Summit in which we will apply the Law 2023 model to future cast what our job will look like in 10 years and beyond.

This interactive, fast-paced session will draw on the collective wisdom of LMA West’s Lead Marketers to co-design our future job and draft a blueprint for building a prototype role that we can take back to our local chapters and start testing, holding open the potential and possibility that the Lead Marketers of LMA West will start a movement of its own to bring Great Law to their departments and the LMA community as a whole.

This program is meant to be an interactive discussion and is therefore space is limited and participants are asked to meet the following criteria:

  • Be in the Legal Marketing field for 5+ years
  • Hold the highest-level marketing position in your firm (or the second in command if the highest-level leader is unavailable to attend)
  • Only one participant per firm
Session Type: Group Discussion

Body of Knowledge (BoK) areas: Marketing Management and Leadership
Session Type: Group Discussion

Body of Knowledge (BoK) areas: Marketing Management and Leadership