Emerging as a Champion for your Client: Using Data to Innovate and Motivate

Domain: Communications, Technology Management

As law firms adjust to a new way of working in 2020, all members must work together as a team to benefit clients. More than ever, clients expect tailored, personalized advice from their legal counsel on how to navigate this unchartered business territory. To meet this need, leading law firms are moving at a quick pace to collaborate cross-functionally and rally around their clients.

Historical barriers such as inaccurate data, outdated processes and personnel habits are being replaced by innovation. Without question, the underlying motivation of these agile changes is the desire to use reliable data to improve individual client engagement and drive overall firm growth. Marketing teams are leading the way with more data-driven, targeted strategies to improve business development success, and increasingly providing strategic guidance to Fee earners.

Now is the time for your firm to emerge as champions for your clients. As a marketing and business development leader, your role is critical in this transformation. In this session, we will share 3 key tools you need right now to empower your fee earners to win more business.

Topics Include:

  • Learn the subtle art of using influence within the firm
  • Assess your approach to managing dynamic data
  • Consider how data-driven insight can jumpstart the client experience

Carrie Johnson, Director of Product Marketing, LexisNexis InterAction
Elena Cutri, Director of Education, LexisNexis InterAction


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Video-Recorded Session

This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.