Bridging the Divide: How Clients and Firms Overcome Common Challenges

Domains: Client Services,  Communication

In our industry, strong working relationships between law firms and in-house legal departments are essential to getting business done. However, even in the best of circumstances, the journey to achieve good results can be filled with peril and frustration.  What is the cause of these challenges, and how to we address them effectively? This panel has traveled this painful journey and will provide important insights that will help you avoid common pitfalls that often take place between law firms and clients.

Topics Include:

  • Identify common issues that upset clients even when their outside counsel is producing good results on their matters.
  • Discuss how to proactively address a client issue before it becomes a major problem for your firm.

Rebecca Hernandez Benavides, Microsoft
Lynette Lupia, AbbVie, Inc.
Sophie Zerbib, Cummins Inc
Toby Brown, Perkins Coie LLP

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Video-Recorded Session This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.