Old Wine Isn’t For New Bottles: Break Bad Communication Habits That Are Holding You Back

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership

Effective communication is critical in a leadership role; it separates the poor leader from a brilliant one. Yet, strong communication skills remain one of the toughest to master. Many marketing professionals pride themselves on being strong communicators, but you may have a blind spot that is holding you back. Breaking through the blind spot can launch your professional development and career. Leverage your new insights to collaborate effectively with your internal stakeholders. Plus, hear best practices on how to advocate for MarTech projects.

Topics include:

  • Identifying your professional blind spot – and how to overcome it
  • Dealing with the “Lawyer Personality" effectively
  • Advocating for your marketing technology project with top 2 best practices

Elena Cutri, Director of Education Services, LexisNexis 


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