Can we Learn from Uber, Amazon and Others and use Data to Give People What they actually Want from a Law Firm Website?

Domain: Technology Management

Uber picks you up, wherever we are and takes you home. It’s not magic, it geolocates where you are and knows your home address. Amazon greets you and knows what you might like to buy. Again, it’s not magic, it knows everyone’s order and search history. They know what you want because they know you and that is what they give you. As it becomes more widely accepted that traditional law firm websites are a reflection of a firm’s structure rather than the reflection of client requirements, can we apply some of the same data based consumer centric principles on law firm websites that we see on consumer websites?

Topics include:

  • How data is used in the consumer world and how it can be used to create customer centric approaches in professional services.

Matt Parfitt, President, Vuture U.S.
Stephen DiGennaro, Director of Marketing Technology,
Jason Kennedy, Marketing Operations Director, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP 


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