Balancing on the Data Tightrope – Too Little on One Side and Too Much on the Other Means an Inevitable Fall

Domain: Technology Management

Data is at the heart of everything we do as marketing and business development professionals. Without adequate data our attempts to successfully focus our activities are likely to be based on nothing more than divination. The reality for most firms is that they have an odd balance of data. In some areas, there is a distinct lack of useful data, in others there is a positive avalanche of data — so much, in fact, that it is difficult to make sense of. In large firms, who have invested in sophisticated tools and services, the balance may swing towards too much data, in smaller firms the balance might swing towards too little data. The important thing is that both are out of balance.

Topics include:

  • This session will highlight the ways in which developments in technology, and increased connectivity between systems, can help redress this balance. More importantly, these advancements bring such a world into the reach of law firms of all sizes without the need to break the bank to do it.

Simon Elven, Commercial and Marketing Director, Tikit Ltd 


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