Crazy, Rich Collaboration – Notes From the Field on How to get IT and Firm Leadership Onboard

Domains: Technology Management, Business of Law

We tend to over complicate it, but collaboration is simply the act of working with someone to produce or create. We collaborate in many aspects of our lives but when it comes to finding the best approach to fostering collaboration across marketing, IT and firm leadership, we often fall short. Whether your next project is a large-scale initiative or a specific campaign, you — and your firm — will be more successful if everyone works cohesively. As a marketing leader, though, driving collaboration also provides a platform for you to lead with the voice of the market and help the firm succeed against evolved client expectations.

Topics include:

  • This session will offer a needs assessment for three key stakeholder groups to provide insight on how to best collaborate. These needs will come to life against a backdrop of real-life examples drawn from Mary’s extensive background working with a wide range of firms.
  • Finally, a sample collaboration plan will arm you with a starting point for achieving crazy, rich collaboration that improves engagement both inside and outside of your firm.

Mary Olson, Client Advisor, InterAction, LexisNexis 


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Video-Recorded SessionThis session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.