Are Your Pricing and Project Management Investments Offering Real Value and Differentiation to Your Clients?

Domain:  Client Services

Firms are putting a lot of resources into pricing and project management to be more flexible in the way they charge clients and more efficient in the way the work is done. But are those efforts adding real value in client relationships? Discover the answer to that important question here. You’ll reflect on how discounts and fee collars are old news, and how a lot of programs are offered on alternative fees. The magic is in communicating and collaborating with clients to differentiate your firm in the pricing process — not just in the final number. If your firm actually uses project management effectively, how do you communicate that and how do you really know if it differentiates you?

Topics include:

  • How to discover value as a client defines it
  • How to use the magic word “pilot”
  • How to persuade lawyers and others to take a more holistic approach to pricing
  • Interacting with current clients and prospects to determine how they define value: specific approaches and questions to ask
  • Insights into the concept of collaboration with clients

James Durham, Chief Marketing Officer, Clark Hill PLC


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