Humanity Isn’t a Trend — It’s the Key to Digital Marketing and Branding Success

Domain:  Communications, Technology Management 

Empathy matters so it’s time to get crazy in love with your clients. An emotional connection is where brand loyalty begins. Legal marketers need to humanize marketing and branding activities, and remember that, regardless of technology, there is always a person on the other end looking for something…most likely your lawyers’ help.

Take a look in this session at how technology moved us from slogans to stories as a way to humanize legal marketing. You’ll discuss issues that include how technology improved marketing and branding by serving as an avenue to foster emotional connections. And, you’ll rethink how to put people first when using marketing technology.

Topics include:

  • How emotions drive the way we market
  • How to humanize your content and digital marketing campaigns
  • The benefits of using technology to generate brand affinity

Terry M. Isner, Chief Executive Officer/Owner, Marketing and Branding, Jaffe


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Video-Recorded Session

This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.