Active Listening — The Key to Uncovering Client Opportunities

Domain:  Communications

One of the best ways to help your lawyers succeed at business development is by teaching them how to actively listen to their clients and prospects. Recent research (“What Great Listeners Actually Do”, Harvard Business Review, July 14, 2016) concluded that active listening techniques separate “great listeners” from the rest of us. In this train the trainer session, you’ll learn about ACCESS: Six Tools of Active Listening, practice using active listening tools and come away with multiple ideas for teaching your lawyers one of the most important skills in building business relationships.

Topics include:

  • Learn about ACCESS: Six Tools of Active Listening
  • Practice using active listening tools through an abbreviated, simulated training
  • Identify different ways to introduce active listening in your firm
  • How to modify for business development purposes active listening tools similar to those used in depositions and cross-examinations

Kevin McMurdo, Principal, McMurdo Consulting


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Video-Recorded Session

This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.