Socrates’ Briefcase — The Three BD Conversations Every Lawyer Needs to Master

Domain:  Business Development

Socrates is famous for turning casual conversations into deep, meaningful discussions. Today, his insights are needed more than ever in the world of business development. This session will introduce Socrates’ Briefcase, a leading-edge BD program that explores the three conversations every lawyer must learn to do well: the meet, the bridge and the ask. You’ll discover how this approach provides attorneys with a “tell me more” statement that dares prospects to ask questions, a natural bridge line to transition smoothly from small talk to business and a confident and non-threatening ask that lands new clients. Find out how to use this approach to ignite a enaissance in person-to-person marketing at your firm.

Topics include:

  • Frame your practice in ways that distinguish you from the competition
  • How to focus every conversation on client needs
  • How to shorten the BD process by not putting off “the talk”
  • Tips for getting more enjoyment out of your BD efforts
  • Ways to make every non-billable hour more fruitful and effective

Steve Hughes, President, Hit Your Stride, LLC


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Video-Recorded Session

This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.