Using Data, Networks and Innovation to Earn Trust and Build Sustainable Legal Practices

Domain: Technology Management, Business Development

What does the future hold for legal professionals in a world of Big Data, A.I., and Blockchain? How can legal marketers and business development professionals help their firms pitch and profile to clients the internal and external networks of expertise and trust that positively position each individual’s skill-sets and experience in the context of a larger networked organization?

Newly empowered legal operations departments and the rise of legal engineers herald the disruption of traditional power and pricing dynamics within law firms. In collaboration with their business and technical teams, a new generation of client-focused, innovation-savvy law firm partners are embracing the potential of data, smart intake, and A.I. assisted referrals that help them make better value propositions to clients and effortlessly attract the right opportunities for their practice and professional development. This talk will be a presentation designed to highlight and address the opportunities and challenges of growing an agile, sustainable legal practice in a volatile, uncertain world.

Tony Lai, Co-Founder & CEO, Legal.io

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Video-Recorded Session

This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.