How to Use Marketing Automation to Measure the ROI of Your Firm’s Marketing and BD Efforts

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Domains: Communications, Marketing Management and Leadership, Technology Management

The only way to know if your marketing efforts are meeting your goals is, of course, to measure results. Otherwise, there is no way to tell if your campaign is on the right track or running off the rails.

With so many different channels available for business development and marketing in the digital world, it can be difficult to determine exactly how to put all the numbers together and decide if the result is good or bad.

Marketing automation platforms can help you measure your outbound and inbound efforts and help you determine the real business results of your firm’s digital marketing efforts. 

Our speakers will discuss the different types of marketing automation platforms and how a law firm can benefit. They will also discuss the different metrics law firms should use to properly track and evaluate the results of marketing campaigns. Finally the speakers will demonstrate real examples from law firms using marketing automation and how it has helped them to enhance their marketing efforts and gain meaningful insights from their digital marketing analytics.

Guy Alavarez, Chief Engagement Officer, Good2bSocial
Stefaine L. Knapp, Online Marketing Manager, Allen Matkins
Anna Norregard, Partner Executive, HubSpot
Melita Jampol, Director of Communications, Fenwick & West LLP


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