Eliminate Waste: Reliably Identify the Lawyers Who Really Want to Learn BizDev Skills

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Domain:  Business Development, Business of Law and Marketing Management and Leadership

Over the next few years, Baby Boomer partners who control of 60-70% of firms’ revenue are retiring. The challenge now is preparing the next generation of lawyers to preserve and grow that revenue. Few have the skills needed. Amid serious budget constraints, firm administrators are confronted with how to pay for business development training on any meaningful scale.

The problem has three parts:

  • Firms can’t afford to train everyone.
  • Too many training/coaching dollars are wasted on the wrong lawyers. There’s no way to predict which lawyers are good training investments and which aren’t.
  • Those excluded perceive the selection process as biased.

We’ll review the results of 100 interviews with law firm leaders who express frustration trying to predict which lawyers are good training/coaching investments, and demonstrate a new method (favored by 85% of those interviewed) in which training investments are based on observed behavior rather than biased interpretation.

Michael O'Horo, RainmakerVT, RainmakerVT
Ian H. Turvill, Freeborn & Peters LLP


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