Eating Dog Food without a Safety Net: A “Real Time” Demonstration of Today’s Collaboration Tools

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Domain:  Business Development 

Adrian Dayton, CEO of ClearView Social, and Ian Turvill, CMO of Freeborn & Peters LLP, have never spoken “live” about this presentation. Instead:

  • They edited this presentation’s description using Docs, Google’s online word processing application
  • They planned their work using Asana, a cloud-based system Freeborn uses to managing its marketing team’s work
  • They shared ideas using Messenger on Facebook, because that’s where Adrian has the best pictures of his baby girl
  • They built the presentation together using Prezi, because Ian likes to accompany his presentations with whooshing noises whenever possible
  • They will respond live and in-person to the ideas and questions posed to them by the audience – but only if submitted online

Three “surprise” co-presenters will be joining them via Skype to explain how collaboration technology has improved their own delivery of marketing and business development.

In other words, Adrian and Ian are “eating their own dog food” and putting technologically based collaboration tools directly into action for everyone to see.  And it's all going to happen live and without the benefit of a safety net to save them!

Learn why, what, when, and how you can do the same, but perhaps with a few more safeguards in place!

Ian H. Turvill, Freeborn & Peters LLP
Adrian Dayton, ClearView Social


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