Pepsi-Proofing’ Your Comms Plan – Lessons Learned from Corporate Missteps

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Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership 

There’s an old saying in public relations: “The only bad publicity is your obituary.”

But that is no longer the case. The 24-hour news cycle and the echo chamber of social media creates a powder keg that can take a communications misstep to a “covfefe” catastrophe before you can say “spell check.”

Consider the video of a passenger getting kicked off a flight, a Samsung exploding phone or Pepsi trivializing a social movement.

These incidents not only damage brands but can also hurt business ─ a new study found that 53 percent of consumers are less likely to continue purchasing tickets from United, for example.

No organization ─ particularly a law firm ─ is immune. Even the most established organizations, helmed by the most seasoned leaders, will eventually find themselves facing public controversy or strife of some form or another. The great sticking point in overcoming a crisis is not always the crisis itself, however, but how we deal with the issue through swift, proper and well-conceived communications.

This presentation will look at the expanding ─ and increasingly critical ─ role of law firm and corporate communicators, the evolution of media coverage in our sector and the fine-tuning of communications with an eye toward preventing a crisis in the first place. Every public relations program, whether a planned campaign or reactive Twitter thread, is on the verge of upheaval, and successful companies and firms must adapt or risk remaining left behind.

Jean-Luc Renaut, Communications Manager, Jenner & Block LLP
Zach Olsen, President, Infinite Global


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