Business Development Coaching – How to effectively coach your attorneys to gain a competitive edge

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Domain: Business Development 

In today’s changing legal market, law firms can no longer just rely on their rainmakers to stay competitive and grow their business. Most need to lean on their Sr. Associates and Partners to bring in business. Teaching these lawyers in an effective and sustainable way is not an easy task.

There are, however, proven techniques and tools that can help marketing and business development teams train and coach their lawyers of all levels. Incorporating a systematic and pragmatic approach will help you build that competitive edge in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

In this presentation, you will learn from a seasoned CMO of an international law firm and a former legal and Big 4 business development leader:

  • how to best prioritize your business development time and budget
  • the importance of collaboration, trust, and accountability
  • effective business development tools that are user-friendly to attorneys
  • how to build practical business development “Roadmaps” – goals and business plans
  • how to best leverage social media
  • useful lunch ‘n learn training topics
  • how to strike a balance between outside coaches and your internal marketing team

Victoria Spang, CMO, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP
Doug Ott, Consultant, Doug Ott Consulting LLC


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