How to Grow Your Firm Through Authentic BD Relationships

Webinar Benefits the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

Date: October 31, 2017
12:00 p.m. CT

Domain: Business Development
Competency: Sales and Networking Techniques & Business Development Coaching and Training

LMA is proud to share the following professional development webinar on behalf of Ackert Inc.

For lawyers, marketing and business development evoke connotations of insincere salesmanship and self-promotion. Effective relationship building does not need to be sales-y or disingenuous. This webinar will focus on the coaching techniques you can use to encourage your lawyers to overcome transactional, impersonal conversations and authentically develop stronger relationships. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Building rapport on a business and a personal level
  • Being interested vs. interesting: how to make the conversation about the prospect, rather than your own expertise
  • Creating content that adds real value rather than simply self-promotion
  • Developing ongoing rapport in the absence of face-time through social media
  • Specific questions lawyers can use to identify new business opportunities from existing clients
  • How to “ask for the business” in an authentic, respectful manner
  • Tailoring your relationship building approach to your personality
  • How to work events and get involved in organizations

Donation Cost to Register: $100*
100% of the proceeds from this webinar will be donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, in support of those affected by the recent hurricanes in the United States.

Please join us in supporting fellow LMA members, friends and family in the Southeast and Southwest Regions by registering for this webinar.

David Ackert, President, Ackert Inc.
Adrian Dayton, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Clearview Social
Susanne Mandel, Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer, Lowndes
Deborah Roth Grabein, Director of Business Development, Andrews Kurth


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*This webinar is organized and produced by Ackert Inc.