Empower Your Team, Transform Perception and Drive Change for Your Department

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership

Marketing and business development departments are continually stretched to perform at a higher level with less resources. If you are new to a leadership role or you need to overhaul your department or update how you deliver services to your attorneys, this case study will help. You’ll gain the tools to transform the perception of your department, empower your team, and increase collaboration with other team leaders. Equipped with these programs and processes, you’ll be able to cost-effectively drive change and provide outstanding service.

Topics include:

  • Creating rigor around current and future state discussions and managing the expectations of decision makers
  • A roadmap for engaging key attorneys
  • How to better collaborate with functional teams, including accounting, HR, IT and knowledge services
  • Empowering your team, including small groups and junior members, to take ownership of marketing and business functions and giving them the tools and support to shine 

Elizabeth S. Gooch, Director of Business Development, Arent Fox LLP

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Prospective Member Price: $79


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Video-Recorded Session

This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.