The Legal Marketer as an Agent of Consequential Change: The Science and Art

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership

The legal marketer works in an environment that is based on precedent, is risk averse, and thrives on an ability to identify the downside of any situation. Into this arena we march, wide-eyed, optimistic and speaking of opportunity. In this session, examine how your success, never mind professional survival, depends on becoming an effective agent of change. How do you instigate and inspire a proactive approach to the market without burning bridges and losing your job? Explore what it takes to embed a shift — from reactive to proactive — in your marketing and business development.

Topics include:

  • Why it seems lawyers and marketers are from different planets and how to bridge the gap
  • The keys to instigating conversations that seed change (as opposed to agitating or aggravating)
  • Three things law firm leaders wish marketing leaders would do
  • A three-point plan to help marketers connect with lawyers

Eric Fletcher, Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer, Liskow & Lewis

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Video-Recorded Session

This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.