Why Leadership Isn’t Enough. Change Management Secrets You Need to Know to Ensure Firm-wide Adoption of Your CRM Initiative

Domain: Technology Management

With corporate legal departments bringing more work in house and radically downscaling their outside law firm panels, effective customer relationship management (CRM) activities have taken on increasing importance in the struggle for firms to remain profitably competitive. According to a recent survey, 90 percent of firms plan to make new investments in CRM technology. Unfortunately, simply implementing technology alone won’t allow law firms to leverage the strategic and financial benefits of CRM. Without sufficient user adoption across their organizations, their initiatives are doomed to fail. We surveyed a diverse group of CRM users and will share eye-opening insights into adoption dynamics.

Session key takeaways:

  • Key factors you need to consider when formulating your own change management strategy
  • How to unlock the power of change management to increase CRM user adoption
  • How to deliver customer experiences that set your firm apart

Dr. David W. Jacobs, Client Advisor, InterAction, Lexis Nexis

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Video-Recorded Session

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