Attracting New Clients: The How-To’s of Telling Stories to Develop Trust & Earn Business

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Domain: Business Development and Communications
Competency: Sales & Networking Techniques and Message & Strategy Planning

Learn how to find, construct, and tell stories and examples that highlight your expertise and that of your law firm.  Why? Because stories stick!  Stories are the best vehicle for teaching your colleagues, prospects, referral sources, family, and friends who your ideal clients are, what to count on you for, what to ask you for, and what opportunities and referrals to send your way.

Stories showcase your character and competence in a way that facts and figures do not.  Boost your “narrative intelligence” in this 60-minute webinar with Lynne Waymon, CEO of Contacts Count LLC, and two guest speakers:  LMA’s 2017 President Jill Weber who serves as the Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Stinson Leonard Street and John Mitchell, Chair of Law Practice Division at ABA, representing ABA Women Rainmakers.  In addition to learning the 5-part Formula for constructing a good story, you’ll also hear several stories created by Jill and John and by former clients of Contacts Count LLC. 

Storytelling – without bragging – is a “soft” marketing technique that everyone in your firm can master.  As you get more adept at this skill you’ll create the constant flow of opportunity and visibility that is the life-blood of any law firm.

Learning Outcomes:

  • “Find” the stories you make happen every day and get clear what they teach about you
  • Construct memorable, strategic stories using a 5-part Formula: Segue, Situation, SNAFU, Solution, and Significance
  • Determine 3 ways to practice your delivery, so that people are eager to listen to you
  • Identify when to tell a story and notice 2 cues that signal the time is right
  • Tune into “story flow” by hearing 3 or 4 well-constructed ones during the webinar


Lynne Waymon, CEO, Contacts Count LLC
Jill Weber, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Stinson Leonard Street
John Mitchell, Chair of Law Practice Division, ABA

Price: Complimentary for Members