Law Firm Partner & Client Discussion: Creating the Win-Win


Domain: Business of Law 

Tracking and reporting on the value and the cost of legal services had become top priority. Value promotes the adoption of management practices that allow all participants to achieve their key objectives. This session is a discussion on how clients are working with firms to track spend by a law department with a focus measuring value. Until you can get that data, you best option is to keep pushing for lower costs. Comprehensive performance management programs are being introduced by corporations in every economic sector. Most include key performance indicators (KPIs). These indicators and the programs they support are comprehensive because they are much more far-ranging than budget and other financial indicators. Clients want programs which reduce waste and which encourage all resources to be dedicated to the top priorities set by executive leadership. It reflects the transition of the legal function from a classic position of support to one which is likelier to add value.

Vince Cordo, Reed Smith LLP
Nick Bagiatis, Reed Smith LLP
Lesley E. Garafola, Duke Energy Law Department
Kimberly Levinson, PNC

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