Creating a Story Worth Sticking To!


Most of us tell stories because we want people to like, laugh or commiserate with us. What we don’t know is that storytelling is one of the most effective ways to be persuasive: from marketing and practice development, to getting more resources to do our job. Good stories bypass the skeptical part of our brain and go right to the emotional center, which is where we make decisions.

This webinar is based on the one-day retreat Lynne created for a law firm. Its partners rated this as one of their best. Then they successfully used what they learned to attract and retain more clients. The focus is on giving you the tools to think about and use stories more strategically, increasing the chances you’ll get what you want.

Learning Objectives: 

  • The practical neuroscience behind why stories work and the myths that keep you from using them well
  • The six types of strategic stories designed to reach people
  • The steps for creating great stories

Lynne Franklin, Author & Speaker, Wordsmith

Price: Complimentary for Members