Creative Juices: Overcoming Obstacles in Getting the Content You Want

Sponsored by the Small Firm SIG

Domain: Communications

Now that even the smallest firms are content publishers, the demand for quality content has never been greater. And yet serious obstacles remain. How do you feed the publishing beast when attorneys say they don't have time to write? What is the best way to republish content so that it sounds fresh and new? How do you stand out among the sea of client newsletters with the same analysis of a recent court ruling? This webinar will address how marketers can create and repurpose content when they may have little internal support. We'll discuss the value of evergreen content, repurposing CLE presentations into multi-purpose content, creating business-oriented content that transcends a purely legal audience, and the best use of outside writers, including ghost writers, to supplement internal efforts. Lastly, we'll cover additional methods and forums for publishing your content and ways to use your attorneys' social media accounts to amplify your efforts.

Learning Outcomes

  • Make the most of internal resources for content creation
  • Identify content a non-lawyer can create
  • Learn tips on using outside writers, repurposing content and new platforms and methods of amplification

Susan Kostal, Legal Marketing & Communications Coach
Jann E. Dudley, Legal Marketing Consultant
Clayton Dodds, Director of Marketing, Law Offices of Peter N. Brewer

Price: Complimentary for Members