The ROI of Law Firm Submissions

Domain: Communications

Join Arielle Lapiano and Ben Greenzweig as they present the results from the joint LMA/LFMP research study on common practices in law firm rankings and surveys. LMA and LFMP members are constantly discussing the increase in the number of submissions and the time, effort and resources required to develop these submissions, but data to support those assertions has been lacking. Thanks to this groundbreaking survey, Arielle and Ben will share benchmarking data on the resources invested in submissions by firms of different sizes, perceived benefits of these activities, best practices for streamlining your process, and a formula for evaluating your own submissions ROI.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify whether you are spending more or less time and money on law firm submissions than other similar firms
  • Understand the differences between marketer and lawyer perceptions of the value of rankings – it might not be what you think
  • Best practices for streamlining your submissions process

Arielle Lapiano, Director of Public Relations and Communications, Paul Hastings

Price: Complimentary for Members